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Daily Dose

Today's big stories: January 31, 2014

Hillary with biggest lead ever, Mitt leading in New Hampshire, Fluke considering run for Congress. Liberty weeps.

Speaking of weeping, Boehner released his immigration reform plan. And it looks exactly like the same old bullshit Washington politicians have pelted us with in the past. The fix is in, establishment pols have been bought and paid for, we no longer have a functioning two-party system in the United States, face it. We have progs and we have progs masquerading as non-progs—we have Democrats and we have Repubicans who wish they were Democrats so by golly people will like them.

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Daily Dose

Today's big stories: January 30, 2014

House passes $1 trillion farm bill. More money spent that the government doesn't have, more central planning to gum up the sytem... and this from the House, which is controlled by Republicans. It's enough to make true conservatives puke.

Oxford scientists have discovered the part of the brain that acts as our conscience. Quick, someone check Obama’s brain and see if that part is missing.

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Daily Dose

Today's big stories: January 29, 2014

Transcript of last night's SOTU speech. While Biden was battling sleepiness and Obama stating, "The debate is settled. Climate change is a fact," six southern states were operating under officially-declared emergency status because of the coldest January in U.S. history.

Yet another Chris Christie scandal. This one involves his brother, Todd, who bought properties near a train station later announced—after the properties were purchased—to be getting a $256 million renovation by the state. Maybe now it's obvious even to the diehards like Ann Coulter that Chris Christie was never anything but a big, fat, dirty Democrat who calls himself a Republican.

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Daily Dose

Today's big stories: January 26, 2014

Michigan governor wants visas for immigrants willing to live in Detroit. Things are this bad? We have to bribe people from foreign lands to get someone to live in Detroit?

Sandra Fluke thinks birth control can save the economy. To watch someone so blissfully unaware of her own shame and silliness proceed as though she has dignity and a connection to reality... well, it's psychically painful to the watcher.

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Daily Dose

Today's big stories: January 25, 2014

Supreme Court issues injunction against contraception mandate. Add this to the dozens of postponements and constant rewriting of the law Obama does by executive fiat. At this point we should be asking, “What parts of the Affordable Care Act – if any – are still in place?”

Homeland Security chief says illegals have "earned the right to be citizens." This is the guy whose job it is to enforce immigration laws—that's how screwed we are.

Global Warming threatens Super Bowl. With the U.S. experiencing record low temps and another cold front on the way, the NFL is threatening to re-schedule the game. We say, “Dont wussy out, NFL! Here’s a better idea: gather up the six biggest-mouthed climate alarmists, strip them naked, and make them run a hundred-yard dash at half time. It’ll be a ratings bonanza.”

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