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They have chosen to be our enemies.  In the name of Islam.  Their choice.  Let's take a look at who they are.

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Anti-Christian Islam

Muslims reciting anti-Christian prayer behead Christian - June 4, 2012

"A Muslim mob recently beheaded a Christian man in Tunisia while reciting Islamic prayer. And, they filmed it. The mob was chanting “Allahu Akbar” as they slit the Christian’s throat."

Sudan ethnically cleanses its Christians - April 4, 2012

"The government of the predominantly Muslim nation of Sudan has stripped its 500,000 to 700,000 Christians of citizenship and has put them on notice that they have one week to leave the country. Even sub-Jim Crow dhimmi status is to be denied them."

Muslims torch churches in Ethiopa - March 24, 2011

"Thousands of Christians have been forced to flee their homes in Western Ethiopia after Muslim extremists set fire to roughly 50 churches and dozens of Christian homes."

Plight of Christian converts in Afghanistan - February 25, 2011

"An Afghan convert to Christianity facing the death penalty for apostasy has been freed, but others remain in prison, and advocacy groups say the underlying problem – the glaring absence of religious freedom in a country where American and other soldiers are fighting and dying – must be addressed."

Egyptian Islamists massacre two Coptic families - February 7, 2011

"News of a massacre of two Christian Coptic families by Islamists just emerged from Upper Egypt with the return of the Internet connections after a week of Internet blackout by the Egyptian regime. Two Islamists groups, aided by the Muslim neighbors, descended on the roof of houses owned by Copts, killing eleven Copts, including children, and seriously injuring four others."

Father Christmas banned at Minn. children's centre - January 3, 2011

"Father Christmas has been banned from visiting a children's nursery after a Muslim family complained."

Bomb hits Egypt church at New Year's mass - January 1, 2011

"A powerful bomb, possibly from a homicide attacker, exploded in front of a Coptic Christian church as a crowd of worshippers emerged from a New Years Mass early Saturday, killing at least 21 people and wounding nearly 80 in an attack that raised suspicions of an Al Qaeda role."

UK Muslim posters: "Christmas is evil" - December 23, 2010

"Fanatics from a banned Islamic hate group have launched a nationwide poster campaign denouncing Christmas as evil. Organisers plan to put up thousands of placards around the UK claiming the season of goodwill is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia."

Iraqi churches cancel Christmas festivities - December 22, 2010

"Iraqi Christians on Wednesday called off Christmas festivities across the country as al-Qaida insurgents threatened more attacks on a beleaguered community still terrified from a bloody siege at a Baghdad church two months earlier."

Iraq: Gunmen kill elderly Christian couple - December 5, 2010

"Attackers gunned down an elderly Christian couple late Sunday inside their Baghdad home, the latest in a string of religious-rooted violence that has spurred international outcry and a full-court press for justice from Iraqi authorities."

Muslims torch Christian homes in Egypt - November 16, 2010

"Muslims set fire overnight to at least 10 houses belonging to Coptic Christians in a village in southern Egypt over rumors that a Christian resident had an affair with a Muslim girl, security officials said Tuesday."

Bombs kill six Baghdad Christians - November 10, 2010

"A string of anti-Christian bombings has cost six more lives in the wake of the Baghdad church bloodbath, sowing panic in Iraq's 2,000-year-old minority on Wednesday, many of whom now want to flee."

The murderers of Christianity - November 9, 2010

"Sunday, on the eve of All Saints' Day, Nov. 1, 2010, the faithful gathered at the Assyrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad. As Father Wassim Sabih finished the mass, eight al-Qaida stormed in, began shooting and forced him to the floor. As the priest pleaded that his parishioners be spared, they executed him and began their mission of mass murder."

Parliamentarian calls for execution of Christians - June 3, 2010

"On Tuesday, the Associated Free Press reported that Abdul Sattar Khawasi, deputy secretary of the Afghan lower house in parliament, called for the execution of Christian converts from Islam."

"They try to kill us" - January 26, 2010

"Egyptian Maher El-Gowhary and his 15 year old daughter Dina never pray twice at the same church, never stay longer than a month in any one apartment. They are constantly under threat, always on the run because they converted to Christianity in a largely Muslim country."

2 more churches firebombed in Malaysia - January 10, 2010

"Firebombs were thrown at two more churches in Malaysia early Sunday, the latest in a series of assaults on Christian houses of worship following a court decision that allows non-Muslims to use "Allah" to refer to God."

Christian pastors beheaded in Nigeria - August 6, 2009

"Speaking exclusively to Daily Sun in Maiduguri, the eye witness who preferred anonymity disclosed that the three pastors were beheaded on the instruction of the sect leader, Mohammed Yusuf..."

Christian evangelist beaten in Pakistan - February 7, 2007

"The fourth evangelist, the leader of the team, was badly beaten by a mob of more than 100 angry Muslims, who then dragged him through the crowd before taking him to the police station," the group added. He was allegedly "severely beaten" and VOMA contacts took him to "a hospital for medical care."

Muslim antisemitism

Why Muslims must hate Jews - August 3, 2012

"This is not just Ahmedinijad; it is at the heart of Islamic theology that world peace will be established only when all the Jews are wiped from the earth. But few people in Western media are alarmed by this kind of rhetoric or care to expose this dreadful dark side of Islam's obsession with Jew-hatred."

Synagogue torched in Tunisia - February 1, 2011

"Arsonists set fire to a synagogue in the southern Gabes region of Tunisia, a leader of the local Jewish community said Tuesday. "Someone set fire to the synagogue on Monday night and the Torah scrolls were burned," Trabelsi Perez told AFP, criticising the lack of action by the security services to stop the attack."

Joshua's Tomb vandalized with Arabic graffiti - December 17, 2010

"Palestinians vandalized Joshua's Tomb in Samaria's Timnat Heres with Arabic graffiti overnight Thursday. Hundreds of Jewish worshippers, escorted by the IDF, arrived at the site and discovered graffiti on surrounding walls which supported martyrdom."

Hamas vows to never recognize Israel - December 14, 2010

"Hamas will never recognize Israel, Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh said Tuesday at a rally to mark the 23rd anniversary of the militant group's founding."

"I'll kill 10 million Jews" - August 31, 2010

"A man accused of plotting to bomb New York synagogues and shoot down military planes ranted against Jews and mused about "taking down" targets in the United States, according to audio tapes played Monday at his federal trial."

The Neo-Nazi/Islam Alliance Redux - June 10, 2010

"Flashback: Then leader of the Muslim World Mufti Haj al-Husseini: In 1943, the Mufti traveled to Bosnia, where he helped to raise a Bosnian Muslim Waffen-SS Hanjar, who slaughtered 90 percent of the Jews in Bosnia... Other Bosnian Muslim units raised by the Mufti were sent to Croatia and Hungary, where they participated in the killing of Jews."

Student admits she wants Jews hunted down - May 11, 2010

"Horowitz: I am a Jew. The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it? MSA member: For it."

Aafia Siddiqui demands no Jewish jurors - January 15, 2010

"A Pakistani scientist who is the only woman accused of working with the al-Qaeda leadership has demanded that Jews should be excluded from the jury at her trial in New York."

"Everyone hates Jews" - November 2, 2009

"Trees, animals and non-Jewish athletes despise Jews, declared an Egyptian cleric on his country's television network. "People hate (Jews). They don't like them. We are not talking only about people. [The same goes] even for trees and animals," stated Egyptian cleric Amin Al-Ansari on a program two weeks ago that aired on Egypt's Al-Rahma satellite network."

Professor says Jews have no ties to Jerusalem - August 19, 2009

"The Jews have no historical connection to Jerusalem or the Western Wall, declared a Palestinian Authority lecturer on official PA television."

Muslim backwardness

Somali Islamists ban handshakes - January 8, 2011

"Al-Qaida-linked militants in war-torn southern Somalia have banned unrelated men and women from shaking hands, speaking or walking together in public, residents said Saturday. People who break the rules could be imprisoned, whipped or even executed."

Saudis arrest vulture for spying - January 5, 2011

"Residents and local reporters told Saudi Arabia's Al-Weeam newspaper that the Israeli bird seemed as though it could be a 'Zionist plot.' News of the bird's arrest went viral and people on Arab-language blogs started insisted Zionist had trained and released the vulture to spy." [Vulture released.]

Saudi women’s veil versus modernity - December 5, 2010

"After nearly 10 years of marriage that produced five children, Mufleh Mohammed of Saudi Arabia still has not seen his wife’s face. Mohammed Hilal, another Saudi husband, could not identify his wife who was killed in a road crash until her veil was put back on her face. Mufleh and Mohammed are among many Saudi men who have never seen the face of their wives as they insist on sticking to ancient tradition of keeping their face covered..."

Iran restricts social sciences - October 24, 2010

"Iran has imposed new restrictions on 12 university social sciences deemed to be based on Western schools of thought and therefore incompatible with Islamic teachings... The list includes law, philosophy, management, psychology, political science and the two subjects that appear to cause the most concern among Iran's conservative leadership — women's studies and human rights."

Sharia degradation of women - September 13, 2010

"The unremitting degradation of women in most of the Mideast, Africa, and other parts of Asia where Islamic law plays a huge role is horrifying and appalling. Islamic law endorses slavery, demands executions for apostasy, and condones the repression of women."

The case for calling them nitwits - July 2010

"They blow each other up by mistake. They bungle even simple schemes. They get intimate with cows and donkeys. Our terrorist enemies trade on the perception that they’re well trained and religiously devout, but in fact, many are fools and perverts who are far less organized and sophisticated than we imagine."

Mogadishu men ordered to grow beards - June 21, 2010

"Men in the Somali capital Mogadishu, have been given 30 days to grow beard. The order was issued by Moalim Hashi Mohamed Farah, the Governor in the capital. It takes effect on July 20. Moalim Hashi is a member of Hizbu Islam, led by Sheikh Dahir Aweys, one of the Islamist groups opposing the Transitional Federal Government."

Veiled bride has beard and crossed eyes - February 11, 2010

"An Arab ambassador called for an instant divorce after discovering his veil-wearing fiancée had a beard and was cross-eyed, it emerged today. The would-be bride had hidden her face behind a Muslim niqab throughout their short courtship..."

Egyptian cleric: Islam permits wife beating - February 4, 2010

"Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings. The prophet Muhammad said: "Don't beat her in the face, and do not make her ugly." See how she is honored."

Saudis shut women's gym - January 20, 2010

"Health authorities in Jeddah have shut down an "illegal" women's fitness centre attached to a hospital, closing one of the few venues where Saudi women are able to exercise, local media said on Wednesday."

Father runs over daughter - October 22, 2009

"Police in Arizona are hunting for an Iraqi-American father who they say ran over his daughter with his car to punish her for becoming "too Westernized" and rebuffing the conservative ways he valued."

Model sentenced to caning for drinking beer - August 19, 2009

"Muslim model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno has become the first woman in Malaysia to be sentenced to a caning after being caught drinking beer in a beach resort."

Father disowns raped 8-year-old daughter - July 24, 2009

"The outrage over the allegations has intensified when police said the girl's parents criticized her after the attack and blamed her for bringing shame on the family. "The father told the case worker and an officer in her presence that he didn't want her back. He said 'Take her, I don't want her,"' Hill said."

Muslims riot in Greece over torn Koran - May 23, 2009

"Greek riot police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of Muslims who pelted them with sticks and stones outside parliament on Friday during protests over what they said was the destruction of a Koran by a Greek policeman."

Muslim gets probation in brutal attack - February 27, 2007

"In court today, Deputy District Attorney Connie Campbell excoriated Kianfar, saying she was unremorseful and failed to acknowledge responsibility in the case. The prosecutor denounced as "psychobabble" and "offensive" claims by Kianfar that she was not able "to have boundaries.""

Malaysia hires Muslim spies - February 20, 2007

"A newspaper in Malaysia said Tuesday that the state of Terengganu will be hiring citizens to act as part-time spies in order to determine if lovers that aren't married are behaving in un-Islamic ways, such as holding hands or kissing."

Admissions about an Islamic school in London - February 7, 2007

"The principal of an Islamic school has admitted that it uses textbooks which describe Jews as "apes" and Christians as "pigs" and has refused to withdraw them."

Marriage at puberty in Ivory Coast - December 13, 1997

"The practice of forcing girls into marriage took hold decades ago throughout sub-Saharan Africa and is especially widespread in countries there with large Muslim populations."

Muslim cruelty

Book tells Muslim men how to beat their wives - March 23, 2012

"The 160-page book, published by Idara Impex in New Delhi, India, is written by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, who’s described in the book’s foreword as a “prolific writer on almost every topic of Islamic learning.”"

Baby killings on rise in Pakistan - January 16, 2011

"In the conservative Muslim nation, where the birth of children outside of marriage is condemned and adultery is a crime punishable by death under strict interpretations of Islamic law, infanticide is a crime on the rise. More than 1,000 infants -- most of them girls -- were killed or abandoned to die in Pakistan last year according to conservative estimates by the Edhi Foundation, a charity working to reverse the grim trend."

Father-in-law of disfigured Afghan girl arrested - December 8, 2010

"The father-in-law of a young Afghan woman who said her nose and ears were sliced off at gun-point to punish her for running away from her violent Taliban fighter husband has been arrested. The 20-year-old woman, simply known as Aisha, gained worldwide attention when she appeared on the August 9 cover of Time magazine."

Saudi male guardians stop marriages - November 28, 2010

"Year after year, the 42-year-old Saudi surgeon remains single, against her will. Her father keeps turning down marriage proposals, and her hefty salary keeps going directly to his bank account."

Al Qaeda plot involved sewing bombs into dogs - November 6, 2010

"See Spot explode! Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq tried to unleash deadly terror in the skies by deploying a pair of kamikaze canines on a US-bound plane, a French newspaper reports. The diabolical plot failed because the bombs were so badly stitched inside the poor pooches that they died..."

Somali Muslims execute two girls - October 28, 2010

"An Islamic group that controls much of southern Somalia executed two girls by firing squad, and hundreds of residents of a town were forced to view the spectacle."

Aid worker killed by Taliban - October 9, 2010

"A British aid worker kidnapped in Afghanistan last month was killed by her Taliban captors during a NATO commando raid to rescue her."

Afghan girls gassed - August 25, 2010

"About 40 schoolgirls became ill and were taken to hospital after a suspected gas poisoning in the Afghan capital Wednesday, another apparent attack by hardline Islamists opposed to female education."

ISLAM IS SLAVERY - June 16, 2010

"Islam from Mohammad to the present has carried out the most massive slave trade that included slaves of all races and creeds in Europe, Africa, India, Balkans, Asia Minor, into Russia and China, SE Asia and across the middle-east. Their slave trade continues. Why are we terrified to tell the truth about Islam and its massive destructive impact everywhere it went in the world!"

Taliban hang 7-year-old boy - June 10, 2010

"Twisted Taliban militants took terror to a new low by accusing a 7-year-old boy of spying - and hanging him high."

Somali court amputates thieves' hands - September 9, 2009

"A Somali Islamic court has amputated the hands of two men accused of theft and lashed another accused of rape, an official said Wednesday."

Afghan Muslims amputating fingers - August 23, 2009

"There are reports of two voters in Kandahar being attacked and their ink-stained fingers cut off by the Taliban, which issued the threat before the vote. A third apparent case is being investigated."

Somali Islamists behead 7 people - July 10, 2009

"Somali Islamist fighters on Friday beheaded seven prisoners accused of abandoning the Muslim faith and spying for the government in the largest mass execution since the Islamists were pushed from power two and a half years ago."

Taliban buying children for suicide bombers - July 2, 2009

"Pakistan's top Taliban leader, Baitullah Mehsud, is buying children as young as 7 to serve as suicide bombers in the growing spate of attacks against Pakistani, Afghan and U.S. targets, U.S. Defense Department and Pakistani officials say."

Somali Islamists cut off hands & feet - June 25, 2009

"An Islamic court in Somalia on Thursday cut off a hand and foot from each of four men convicted of stealing phones and guns, drawing hundreds of onlookers as the weeping men were punished at a military camp."

Taliban dupe 12-year-old boy into planting bomb - June 14, 2009

"Ishaq Khan, a 12-year-old schoolboy, was given the money – equivalent to just 40p – to carry a bag to a spot in a busy bazaar in Kohat, a town in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. As he walked away, the bag exploded, throwing him to the ground with a shattered foot and leaving shoppers dead and wounded all around him."

Al Qaeda kills British hostage in Mali - June 3, 2009

"Al Qaeda's North African wing said on Wednesday it had carried out its threat to kill a British hostage it was holding in the Sahara."

Muslim dishonesty

Federal judge confirms CAIR is Hamas - November 23, 2010

"According to a federal court ruling unsealed Friday, the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations has been involved in "a conspiracy to support Hamas," a federally designated terrorist group that has murdered at least 17 Americans and injured more than 100 U.S. citizens."

Couple conned by Muslim marriage official - October 30, 2010

"Two Swiss tourists who chose the Maldives' white-sand beaches as the setting to renew their marriage vows were instead mocked by the officiator, who chanted abuse and curses in the local language at the unsuspecting couple."

New taqiyya from Feisal Rauf - September 8, 2010

"Rauf is quoting, selectively sura 36, verse 58 (36:58; Arberry translation): "'Peace!' - such is the greeting, from a Lord All-compassionate." But the next verse, 36:59 states, "Now keep yourselves apart, you sinners, upon this day!"" [More of Feisal Rauf's dishonesty.] [More yet.]

Mischief in Manhattan - August 17, 2010

"We Muslims know the Ground Zero mosque is meant to be a deliberate provocation"

Jihadis infiltrating D.C. - October 14, 2009

"A new book detailing the operation and its findings shows the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is not the beneficent Muslim civil-rights group it claims to be. Indisputable evidence now demonstrates CAIR and other "mainstream" Islamic groups are acting as fronts for a well-funded conspiracy of the Muslim Brotherhood – the parent of al-Qaida and Hamas – to infiltrate and destroy the American system."

American making Al Queda propaganda films - September 4, 2009

"A week after the 9/11 attacks, a young Muslim at the University of South Alabama told the school's newspaper it was "difficult to believe a Muslim could have done this." Now, eight years later, he is professing to launch attacks himself and calling on others to join the fight..."

Srebrenica: More Myth Than Massacre - August 25, 2009

"After 14 years of investigating events that took place in Srebrenica in 1995 I can attest there was no genocide over Muslims in that enclave — the myth about the massacre of Muslims was invented by the late Bosnian Muslim war leader Alija Izetbegovic and then-U.S. president Bill Clinton."

Senator's Muslim employee served in RICO lawsuit - June 15, 2009

"The evidence has long suggested that CAIR is a criminal organization set up by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to further its aims of stealth Jihad in the U.S."

What is zakat? - June 5, 2009

"The zakat is a religious tax used to financially support Islamic "charities," some of which have ties to terrorist organizations that are hostile to the United States and all other “infidels,” which includes Christians and Jews. The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, an example of an Islamic “charity” that qualifies for receipt of the zakat, was recently convicted by a federal jury for providing millions of dollars to Islamic terrorist organizations."

Charity members jailed for funding Hamas - May 28, 2009

"The five defendants in the Holy Land Foundation case were defiant Wednesday while being sentenced for their roles in funneling money to overseas terrorists..."

Muslim disloyalty

CAIR scrubs poster after Fox News story - January 13, 2011

"CAIR's California chapter is removing from its website a poster showing a sinister silhouette of an old fashioned sinister detective, and carrying the words "Build a Wall of Resistance - Don't Talk to the F.B.I.""

Muslim sues over anti-Shariah law - November 4, 2010

"Just two days after Oklahoma voters approved a ballot measure banning state courts from considering Islamic or international law when ruling on cases, a local Muslim has filed a federal lawsuit saying the measure is unconstitutional."

Five Muslim soldiers questioned - February 18, 2010

"CBN News has learned exclusively that five Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina were questioned just before Christmas. It is unclear whether the men are still in custody. The five were part of the Arabic Translation program at the base... The men are suspected of trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson."

Chaplain smuggled box-cutter blades into jail - February 3, 2010

"A city Department of Correction Muslim chaplain... was arrested today for carrying three utility blades and a pair of scissors into a lower Manhattan jail, authorities said."

Radical convert hails Hood massacre - November 8, 2009

"The soldiers at Fort Hood had it coming, says a radical Muslim in Queens who travels to mosques around the city spreading anti-American hate and has sent a "Get Well Soon" message to the major behind the Texas massacre... In the twisted logic of al-Khattab, who was born Jewish in New Jersey and converted to Islam in 2004, the 13 slain and 38 wounded Army victims gunned down by the radical one-man sleeper cell were "terrorists" who deserved to die."

Fort Hood shooting - November 5, 2009

"The Fort Hood shooting was a mass shooting that took place on November 5, 2009, at Fort Hood—the most populous US military installation in the world, located just outside Killeen, Texas—in which a gunman killed 13 people and wounded 30 others. The accused perpetrator is Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army major serving as a psychiatrist."

Cleric indicted in NYC terror plot - October 21, 2009

"A Muslim cleric and funeral director from New York has been indicted on charges that he lied to federal agents about a Colorado man who has been charged with plotting a terrorist attack in the city."

Terror suspect defiant in court - October 21, 2009

"The pharmacy college graduate student charged with plotting to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq and shoppers in American malls was thwarted -- along with two other co-conspirators -- when he was unable to get into terror camps for training and failed to get access to automatic weapons. Tarek Mehanna, 27, of Sudbury, Mass., got rebellious in court Wednesday, refusing to stand for the judge and at one point throwing his chair."

Muslim fanaticism

The 'Vanity Fair' of Al Qaeda - November 26, 2010

"Now the media wing of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, an offshoot group based in Yemen, is producing an online propaganda periodical that gives pop culture a lethal twist. Color photos and glitzy graphics flank interviews of celebrity jihadists and reader-friendly stories, such as "What to Expect in Jihad," complete with a packing list."

Moderate Islam does not exist - March 4, 2010

"Hannity: So let me ask this again. So when people talk about moderate Islam, you're saying it doesn't exist? Mosab Hassan Yousef: It doesn't exist."

Muslim fiction

Did Muhammad exist? - April 23, 2012

"Yet the numerous indications that the standard account of Muhammad's life is more legend than fact actually have considerable implications for the contemporary political scene."

Muslim scholar explains Jerusalem - February 29, 2012

"Wow! a book about Jerusalem in the Quran when Jerusalem is not in the Quran!"

Muslim intolerance

Pakistani governor is shot dead - January 4, 2011

"The governor of Pakistan’s wealthiest and most populous province was shot dead in the capital Tuesday by one of his own guards, who later told interrogators that he was angry about the politician’s stance against the country’s blasphemy law, officials said." [More here.]

Muslim pupil offended by the word "ham" (Spain) - December 20, 2010

"The boy told his teacher that hearing the word ‘ham’ in class was offensive to him because of his religion and asked his geography teacher to stop referring to the product which caused him offence. El Mundo newspaper reports that the boy’s parents then reported the teacher to both the National Police and to the courts."

Majority of world's Muslims want sharia - December 6, 2010

"A majority of Muslims around the world welcome a significant role for Islam in their countries' political life, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center..."

Man accused of blasphemy killed in Pakistan - November 18, 2010

"A man accused of blasphemy was shot and killed near his home in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore shortly after being granted bail by a court... Imran Latif, 22, was accused of burning pages of the Quran in a case registered at Sherakot police station in Lahore and spent five months in jail."

The eternal flame of Muslim outrage - September 10, 2010

"Pardon my national security-threatening impudence, but when is the "Muslim world" not ready to "explode"?"

Cleric calls for beheading Dutch politician - September 3, 2010

"A well-known Australian Muslim cleric has called for the beheading of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, a newspaper said on Friday."

Sharia comes to Michigan - June 23, 2010

"Police in the heavily Arab Detroit suburb of Dearborn say they arrested four Christian missionaries for disorderly conduct at an Arab cultural festival... The "disorderly conduct" consisted of handing out copies of the Gospel of John outside the festival."

Muslim student group suspended - June 19, 2010

"Tensions are high at the University of California-Irvine after the school recommended suspending a Muslim student group for its role in the disruption of an Israeli ambassador's speech earlier this year."

Muslim students attack lecturer - May 11, 2010

"Raging Muslim students attacked artist Lars Vilks during a free speech lecture in Sweden. 15 Muslims screaming “Allahu Akbar” rushed the podium, headbutted Vilks, broke his glasses and tackled him to the floor. The whole assault was caught on tape..."

Plot to silence Israel's ambassador - April 7, 2010

"Despite claims to the contrary, internal emails from the University of California, Irvine's Muslim Student Union (MSU) show that the group orchestrated the repeated disruptions of a speech given on campus by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren February 8."

Danish police shoot intruder at cartoonist's home - January 2, 2010

"Danish police have shot and wounded a man at the home of Kurt Westergaard, whose cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad sparked an international row."

Website receiving death threats - December 25, 2009

"A recent e-mail to a website launched after the 9/11 terror attacks to document the instances of Islamic violence said simply: "We will kill you. Like this ... " The message included a photograph of a man who had been beheaded, his body resting chest down on grass and his lifeless head placed in the middle of his own back."

Speech by Islam antagonist canceled - November 19, 2009

"PRINCETON — Yesterday’s scheduled speech by controversial author and human rights activist Nonie Darwish at Princeton University was canceled after the student groups sponsoring the event withdrew their support."

German publisher, fearing Muslims, cancels book - October 9, 2009

"A German book publisher has canceled a novel about Islamic "honor killings," fearing that the book would offend the Muslim community and put him in danger."

Former Muslim receiving death threats - October 1, 2009

"Sabri Husibi, a former Muslim who is now an atheist, says he has been ostracized and threatened with death since publication of a Tulsa World article Saturday in which he was critical of Islam and all other religions."

Christian coach fired by Muslim principal - August 5, 2009

"Gerald Marszalek claims in a federal lawsuit that he was fired as Fordson High School wrestling coach for religious reasons. Marszalek is suing Dearborn Public Schools and Principal Imad Fadlallah, claiming Fadlallah, a Muslim, forced Marszalek out because of his affiliation with a volunteer assistant coach who was also a minister and converted a student from Islam to Christianity."

Panel dropped after invitation of Islam critic - July 13, 2009

"The American Library Association has canceled a panel discussion on Islam planned for its annual conference over the weekend, after three speakers withdrew in protest at the inclusion of the fourth, a controversial critic of the Muslim religion."

Islam investigator ejected from conference in D.C. - July 5, 2009

"With a high-profile Christian keynote speaker, Rick Warren, the Islamic Society of North America billed its July 4 national convention here as a major outreach to non-Muslims, but it chose to eject by force an American investigating Islamist radicalism in the U.S."

Muslims shut down conservative conference - May 28, 2009

"The manager of a prominent Nashville hotel cancelled a contract with a conservative foundation to hold a conference this weekend on radical Islam, apparently after learning that the group would feature a keynote address by controversial Dutch parliamentarian and filmmaker, Geert Wilders."

Seeds of jihad bloom in two U.S. towns - May 11, 2009

"The towns of Red House, Virginia and Islamberg, New York are home to a small number of African-American converts to Islam who have withdrawn from the outside world to live by a set of strict religious codes."

Britain's war on Michael Savage - May, 2009

"The British government’s recent blacklisting of conservative talk-radio host, Michael Savage, is an ominous sign—and should be of deep concern to all Americans, regardless of their political leanings. It reflects British society’s surrender not only to the forces of political correctness, but Islamist intimidation."

Muslim congressman calls cops on Republican - February 14, 2007

"Ellison’s office called the Capitol Hill Police on Tancredo last Wednesday night as Tancredo was in his office smoking a cigar. The lawmakers have neighboring offices on the first floor of the Longworth House Office Building. Tancredo was still stunned a day later. “It’s very bizarre,” said Tancredo, who has never met Ellison. “Seemed to me not a good way to say hello.”"

Homeland Security enforces 'Islam PC' - February 10, 2007

"Department of Homeland Security employees complain their boss Michael Chertoff is hamstringing counter-terror operations with pro-Islamic political correctness."

Muslim perversion

Rape and murder of Pakistan's Christian children - October 17, 2012

"...the West remains clueless concerning the graphic abuses—including rape and murder—Christian children in Pakistan routinely suffer, simply for being Christian."

Sodomy "For the Sake of Islam" - July 12, 2012

"In a recent article titled "Sodomy 'For the sake of Islam'," Raymond Ibrahim, an associate fellow at the Middle East Forum, reported that Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri, who plotted to assassinate Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Nayef in 2009 with a bomb hidden in his rectum, had apparently relied on a fatwa by an obscure cleric permitting sodomy to "widen" his anus to accommodate the explosives."

Suicide over forced marriage to rapist - March 14, 2012

"A 16-year-old Moroccan girl has committed suicide after being forced to marry her rapist. The victim, known only as Amina, reportedly killed herself by swallowing rat poison in her hometown of Larache in northern Morocco. The suicide came a year after she was reportedly raped by a 25-year-old man. Her family allegedly agreed with a civil court ruling that she should marry her rapist to preserve their honour."

Afghan pedophilia: a way of life - January 19, 2012

"Pedophilia is a widely-accepted practice in southern Afghanistan, where "boys are given to older men for the sexual gratification of the elder and the sexual education of the child," say many returning U.S. troops. Afghans say pedophilia is most prevalent among Pashtun men in the south who comprise Afghanistan's most important tribe. Apologists say that Bacha Bazi or 'Boy Play' is a very old cultural practice in Afghanistan and part of that nation's mainstream."

Arafat autopsy report suggests AIDS - November 13, 2011

"New autopsy details soon to be released by the French hospital where Yasser Arafat died in 2004 once again suggest that the former PLO leader and icon of the "Palestinian cause" was suffering from AIDS."

Sex between men fuels Mideast HIV epidemic - August 2, 2011

"Sex between men is responsible for more than a quarter of new HIV infections in parts of the Middle East and North Africa, according to a study that shows epidemics of the AIDS-causing virus are emerging in the region."

All rapists in Oslo follow Muhammad - June 23, 2011

"Defenders of Islam call it a "religion of peace" but many Norwegian women are learning that Islam is the religion of rape. According to an amazing police report released there this month, every single solved case of assault-rape in the country in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim immigrant."

Sex-slave want ads in Kuwait - June 14, 2011

"In a story almost too twisted to believe, female Kuwaiti activist and former parliamentary candidate Salwa al-Mutairi endorses the establishment of a law permitting the sex-slave trade. Who would the sex slaves be? Infidel women, of course — allegedly blonde ones from Russia. Because, apparently, Muslim men “prefer them blond.” According to Mutairi, female infidels, who she considers “subhuman,” would be paid a whopping 50 dinars a month to cook, clean and care for the children — essentially become the wife’s domestic slave by day — then work another long shift as the husband’s personal sex slave by night." [More here.]

First cousin marriages putting children at risk - June 7, 2011

"This week, leading geneticist Professor Steve Jones, of University College London, warned that ‘inbreeding’ in Islamic communities was threatening the health of generations of children."

Fatwa allows man to have sex with wife’s corpse - May 17, 2011

"Call it sick. Twisted. Depraved. Bizarre. Choose whatever word you want to describe this latest fatwa for lovesick Moroccans. Trust us, you can’t come up with a word that’s harsh enough."

Osama Bin Laden, child molester - May 10, 2011

"If we take Bin Laden’s word for his date of birth, he was 44 when he married 15-year old Amal in 2001. So in addition to being a evil old man, he was also a dirty old man."

Keystone of the Islamic milieu: inbreeding - April 13, 2011

"There is a catalyst -- absent in every other culture on earth -- that has poisoned the cultural soil, thus yielding the fruit of bad harvest for nearly 1,400 years. That catalyst is inbreeding. As a direct result, the Muslim population is mentally developmentally disabled on a mass scale."

Women protesters forced to have 'virginity checks' - March 24, 2011

"Women arrested by the Egyptian police during protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square were subjected to forced 'virginity tests', according to Amnesty International. Eighteen demonstrators were detained after army officers cleared the square on March 9 at the end of weeks of protest. Amnesty today said that the women had been beaten, given electric shocks and then subjected to strip searches while being photographed by male soldiers. They were then given 'virginity checks' and threatened with prostitution charges if medics ruled they had had sex, according to the charity."

Research links Muslim inbreeding & terrorism - December 20, 2010

"If there are two things that characterize Islamic culture, they are terrorism and inbreeding. The latest research shows that these two things might be closely connected."

Philly man impregnates Egyptian girls - September 16, 2010

"A Philadelphia man admitted in federal district court yesterday that he had sex with three underage females in Egypt from January 2004 to May 2007. Authorities said Omar Rashaad Bey, 33, of South Philadelphia, impregnated two of the victims when they were 15 and both bore Bey's sons at the same age. The births occurred in Egypt in February 2006 and March 2007."

Afghanistan's dirty little secret - August 29, 2010

"For centuries, Afghan men have taken boys, roughly 9 to 15 years old, as lovers. Some research suggests that half the Pashtun tribal members in Kandahar and other southern towns are bacha baz, the term for an older man with a boy lover. Literally it means "boy player." The men like to boast about it."

Islamic cops jailed for gang rape - July 15, 2010

"AN INDONESIAN court on Thursday jailed two Islamic policemen for gang-raping a young woman in custody, a case that has sparked outrage in the deeply religious province of Aceh. Mohammed Nazir, 29, and Feri Agus, 28, were found guilty of raping a 20-year-old student in a police station in January after she was arrested with her boyfriend under local laws designed to enforce Islamic morals."

Pakistan is world leader in online porn - July 13, 2010

"They may call it the "Land of the Pure," but Pakistan turns out to be anything but. The Muslim country, which has banned content on at least 17 websites to block offensive and blasphemous material, is the world's leader in online searches for pornographic material..."

Fatwa okays adult breast-feeding - June 9, 2010

"Sheikh Al Obeikan, adviser to the royal court and consultant to the Ministry of Justice, told Gulf News that women should give their breast milk to male colleagues, acquaintances or anyone with whom they come into regular contact."

Muslim child brides on rise - March 11, 2010

"Federal immigration officials say there’s little they can do to stop “child brides” from being sponsored into Canada by much older husbands who wed them in arranged marriages abroad."

Abbas aide sex tape scandal - February 12, 2010

"Palestinian officials on Friday rallied around a top aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after a video surfaced showing him in the nude in an alleged attempt to trade his influence for sex."

Taliban rape tapes - February 12, 2010

"As Siraj Haqqani moved from village to village, rounding up the sons of poor Muslim families to fight for the Taliban and Al Qaeda, he offered the villagers free medical care. He even sent his physician, Dr. Hassan Duraz to conduct the clinics. There was a horrific catch, though. Duraz was a monster."

Cleric cleared of sex abuse over child bride - October 14, 2009

"An Indonesian court has acquitted controversial Muslim cleric Pujiono Cahyo Widianto over child sexual molestation charges for marrying an underage girl, aged 12 last year. Widianto risked up to 15 years in jail, had he been convicted of the charges. Prosecutors said they would appeal the court ruling. The girl is his second wife."

Yemeni child bride dies giving birth - September 12, 2009

"A 12-year-old Yemeni child-bride died after struggling for three days in labor to give birth, a local human rights organization said Saturday."

Imam says Islam allows raping prisoners - September 1, 2009

"A highly influential Shi'a religious leader, with whom Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regularly consults, apparently told followers last month that coercion by means of rape, torture and drugs is acceptable against all opponents of the Islamic regime. The gathered crowd heard from Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi and Ahmadinejad."

Child returned to 80-year-old husband - August 26, 2009

"A Saudi Arabian father forced his 10-year-old daughter to return to her 80-year-old husband Sunday, after she was found hiding at the home of her aunt for 10 days... The young girl's husband, who denies he is 80 despite family claims, accused the aunt of violating the terms of his marriage, allowed by Sharia Law."

Muhammad's marriages

"From the 20th century onwards, a common point of contention has been Muhammad's marriage to Aisha, who was six or seven at the time of her marriage, and nine when the marriage was consummated... The age of Aisha is cited by some critics who denounce Muhammad for having had sex with a pre-pubescent child. Baptist pastor Jerry Vines called him a "demon-possessed pedophile"."

Muslim violence

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2012

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2012 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2011

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2011 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

ISR: West Bank couple and 3 children killed - March 12, 2011

"A Jewish couple and three of their children were stabbed to death in bed in a West Bank settlement in what Israeli officials said Saturday was an attack by one or more Palestinians who broke into their home." [Gaza Muslims celebrate.]

THA: Bomb kills 9 civilians - January 25, 2011

"A roadside bomb killed nine civilians and wounded two in Thailand's southernmost province on Tuesday, police said, the deadliest attack in 19 months in the predominantly Muslim region bordering Malaysia."

NGA: Tragic start to New Year - January 1, 2011

"Officials in Nigeria say a bomb has exploded at a popular market inside an army barracks in the capital, Abuja. Nigerian television is reporting that at least 30 people died in the explosion. Police have not confirmed that figure... Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan blamed the bombing on the radical Islamist group Boko Haram."

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2010

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2010 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

SWE: Stockholm blasts - December 12, 2010

"Police said on Sunday they were treating bomb blasts in Stockholm as an act of terrorism by a lone attacker that followed an emailed threat referring to Sweden's troops in Afghanistan and to cartoons of Mohammad."

AFG: Taliban kill 10 medical personnel - August 7, 2010

"The six Americans, one Briton, one German, and three Afghans, were returning from a two-week mission providing eye treatment in Nuristan Province. ...a Taliban spokesman claimed the killings, telling the Associated Press that the group was "spying for the Americans" and "preaching Christianity.""

PAK: Mosque attacked... 80 killed - May 28, 2010

"Terrorists attacked two mosques packed with hundreds of worshippers from a minority sect in eastern Pakistan on Friday. Over 80 people were killed and dozens wounded in the worst ever attack against the Ahmadi sect."

NGA: Town attacked... 200 killed - March 9, 2010

"The death toll from weekend violence in central Nigeria climbed to more than 200 Monday after members of a machete-wielding Muslim group attacked a mostly Christian town south of the city of Jos, officials said."

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2009

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2009 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

PAK: Mosque attacked... 36 killed - December 5, 2009

"Militants stormed a mosque near Pakistan's army headquarters, killing at least 36 worshippers, including six military officers, during Friday prayers as they sprayed gunfire and threw grenades before blowing themselves up, officials said."

USA: Muslim tries to blow up Dallas office building - September 26, 2009

"Smadi was arrested in an FBI sting Thursday. Authorities said the Jordanian, who claimed to be a supporter of al-Qaeda, parked an SUV packed with what he thought were explosives outside Fountain Place, a 60-story office tower at Ross Avenue and Field Street."

USA: N.C. Muslims targeted Marine base - September 24, 2009

"Two men charged in North Carolina last month with plotting terrorist attacks overseas also planned to attack the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia, authorities said on Thursday."

USA: Muslim planned to bomb federal building - September 24, 2009

"An Illinois man was ordered held on Thursday on charges he tried to blow up a federal building in the state capital, a case unrelated to the New York terrorism plot."

USA: Indictment for conspiring to detonate WMD - September 24, 2009

"Najibullah Zazi, the Denver man believed to be the central figure in a terror plot against the New York City transit system, has officially been indicted on charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction against persons or property in the United States..."

PSE: Hama TV teaches children how to kill Jews - September 23, 2009

"The bear puppet host, Nassur, of a Hamas children's TV program used different words for “slaughter” to describe how to rid Israel of Jews. First the bear explains that all Jews must be “erased from our land.” Later in the conversation he adds, "We want to slaughter them, Saraa, so they will be expelled from our land.”"

USA: Plot to kill Jews, attack military bases - August 17, 2009

"A man was sentenced to 70 months in prison today for his role in a domestic terrorism plot to wage war on the United States by attacking Jewish synagogues and military bases. Hammad Riaz Samana is the fourth member of Jami'yyat Ul-Islam Is-Shaheeh, or JIS, a prison-founded group that wanted to make a political statement that also had plans to attack the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles and El Al Israel Airlines at the Los Angeles International Airport."

IDN: Suicide bombers hit Jakarta Ritz - July 17, 2009

"Suicide bombers who checked in as guests smuggled explosives into American luxury hotels in Indonesia's capital and set off a pair of blasts Friday that killed eight people and wounded more than 50."

AFG: Al Qaeda willing to use nukes against U.S. - June 22, 2009

""God willing, the nuclear weapons will not fall into the hands of the Americans and the mujahideen would take them and use them against the Americans," Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, the leader of al Qaeda's in Afghanistan, said in an interview with Al Jazeera television."

PAK: Muslim militants attack Pakistani hotel - June 10, 2009

"Militants attacked a hotel popular with foreigners in the Pakistani city of Peshawar with guns and a truck bomb on Tuesday, killing five people including a U.N. worker, authorities said."

USA: Soldier killed by American-born jihadist - June 1, 2009

"While authorities continued to investigate a motive, Thomas said Muhammad is a Muslim convert and, based on preliminary interviews with him, investigators believe there were "political and religious motives" in the shooting."

PAK: Mass abduction by Taliban in Pakistan - June 1, 2009

"Taliban militants ambushed a convoy of vehicles carrying at least 400 students, staff and relatives from a boys' school Monday, taking dozens — possibly hundreds — captive in northwestern Pakistan, officials said."

USA: Four Muslims arrested in plot to bomb synagogues - May 21, 2009

"The FBI and NYPD busted a four-man homegrown terror cell Wednesday night that was plotting to blow up two Bronx synagogues while simultaneously shooting a plane out of the sky..."

USA: Five Muslims convicted of plot against Sears Tower - May 12, 2009

"Batiste is repeatedly heard espousing violence against the U.S. government and saying the men should start a "full ground war" that would "kill all the devils.""

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2008

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2008 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

GBR: Killing for religion justified say Muslim students - July 26, 2008

"A third of Muslim students in Britain believe killing someone in the name of religion is justified, a new poll claims."

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2007

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2007 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

PAK: Clerics favor suicide bombings - February 25, 2007

"Therefore a re-reading of the views of these gentlemen leads to the conclusion that they have outlawed suicide-bombing only in very specific conditions and not generally at all. In fact our clerics have confirmed that Al Qaeda, which began the trend on 9/11, can go on doing it."

USA: Muslim buys guns, claymore mine, grenades - February 24, 2007

"The case was sealed from public view and nothing happened for weeks, until U.S. Magistrate Judge Audrey Fleissig told prosecutors on Jan. 27 that they had 30 days to indict Abuelawi or she would dismiss the charges."

PAK: Muslim fanatic kills government official - February 21, 2007

"A suspected Islamist zealot shot dead a Pakistani woman provincial government minister on Tuesday because he believed women should not be in politics, officials said."

CAN: 50,000 Muslims support terrorism - February 18, 2007

"So, let's err on the side of caution here. Let's subtract the margin of error -- 4.4% -- from 12%. That comes to 7.6%, so let's say, just to be really non-alarmist, we round that down to 7%. That still means 49,000 Canadian Muslims believe conducting a terrorist attack on their own country -- Canada -- is justified. Is it just me, or does this not strike anyone else as the opposite of "negligible?""

USA: Muslim cabbie tries to run over two students - February 18, 2007

"A local cab driver allegedly tried to run over two customers after a fight over religion became heated... Ibrihim Ahmned, of United Cab, was arrested and charged with assault, attempted homicide and theft."

SOM: Arab states trained Al-Qaeda men to fight - February 18, 2007

"MIDDLE EASTERN countries secretly armed and supported suspected Al-Qaeda recruits in the failed state of Somalia in a direct challenge to western interests in east Africa, according to a United Nations report."

USA: 18-year-old Muslim kills 6 in Salt Lake City mall - February 13, 2007

"Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank said Talovic drove his car to the mall, parked in the west parking terrace and encountered two people who he shot before entering the mall. There, he encountered a female who also was shot right away, then went into a gift shop where there were five people, all of whom the young man shot. Moving through the mall, the gunman tried to shoot others, Burbank said."

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2006

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2006 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

USA: 14 pedestrians picked off by Muslim driver - August 30, 2006

"A day of hit-and-run horror that started with the death of a Fremont pedestrian and erupted into half an hour of chaos on the streets of San Francisco ended in the arrest of a 29-year-old driver described by some relatives as mentally disturbed but by police as apparently rational and unrepentant."

USA: Seattle Muslim shoots Jews for revenge - July 29, 2006

"Haq, a Muslim, told authorities he was angered by the war in Iraq and U.S. military cooperation with Israel. “He pointedly blamed the Jewish people for all of these problems,” Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said..."

USA: Denver Muslim shoots six coworkers - June 26, 2006

"Reports that Ford was upset about being taunted and harassed at work about his Muslim beliefs were downplayed by police and Safeway Monday..."

USA: Driver at UNC Cites Vengeance for Muslims - March 7, 2006

"A University of North Carolina graduate from Iran, accused of running down nine people on campus to avenge the treatment of Muslims, said at a hearing Monday that he was "thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.""

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2005

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2005 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

USA: Muslim crashes car into Home Depot - December 29, 2005

"So the Jordanian-turned-U.S. citizen devised a plan to make a grand statement by crashing into the store at Alma School Road and Chandler Boulevard and setting it on fire. At first, he wanted to wear a Palestinian flag, but later decided to place it in the trunk of his car, along with a copy of the Quran and a necklace."

"The List" - Islamic terror attacks from 2004

"This is part of the list of Islamic attacks that have taken place since September 11th. The entries on this list are from 2004 only. To view the rest of the religiously-motivated Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11, go to the main page and follow the links."

"The List" - Islamic attacks September 11th, 2001 through 2003

"This is a partial list of the attacks that have taken place in the name of Islam since September 11th. The entries on this list are from that day through the end of 2003. To view the religiously-motivated Islamic terrorist attacks for subsequent years, go to the main page and follow the links."

USA: LA airport shootings about desire to be martyr - April 12, 2003

"In September, federal investigators determined that the shooting at the El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport on July 4, 2002, was a terrorist act carried out by a lone gunman bent on becoming a martyr."

USA: Beltway sniper member of radical Muslim group - November 11, 2002

"Sniper suspect John Muhammad fits the profile of a disaffected outcast who becomes increasingly radicalized under the influence of Islamism, say terrorism analysts and investigators, who suspect he is connected with the radical Islamist group, al-Fuqra."

Truth about Islam

Did Muhammad exist? - May 25, 2012

"A special review and examination of Robert Spencer's Did Muhammad Exist?"

Revolutions, walk-outs and fatwas - January 16, 2011

"IN EGYPT, an extraordinarily important fatwa has been issued by Dr. Imad Mustafa, of al-Azhar University, the world’s most important Islamic university. He began by stating the well-known doctrine of “defensive jihad,” that is Muslims must go to war against infidels who attack them. Of course, the word “attack” is often spread rather thinly to justify aggression. But now Mustafa has publicly and explicitly come up with a new concept, one that up until now was supposedly restricted to groups like al-Qaida: “Then there is another type of fighting against the non- Muslims known as offensive jihad... which is to pursue the infidels into their own land without any aggression [on their part]..."

The endless wars of Islam - September 12, 2010

"Of the roughly 25 wars ongoing, 21 involve Muslim countries. Put differently, Islam is connected to 80 percent of the planet's armed conflicts, while making up only 20 percent of its population."

Christianity growing faster than Islam - August 10, 2010

"The religious makeup of the world is changing, but the media’s focus on the West is causing many to be blind to Islam’s losing of ground in the third world. Adam Housley reported for in January 2003 that “most experts agree Christianity does have the most believers. And recent reports estimate that by 2025, that gap will widen even further, making Christianity by far the world’s largest religion.”"

Marco Polo on Islam - April 16, 2010

"According to their doctrine, whatever is stolen or plundered from others of a different faith, is properly taken, and the theft is no crime; whilst those who suffer death or injury by the hands of Christians, are considered as martyrs. If, therefore, they were not prohibited and restrained by the powers who now govern them, they would commit many outrages. These principles are common to all [Muslims]."

Islam is not a religion of peace - April 5, 2010

"You can't say that Islam is a religion of peace. Because Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission. So the Muslim is one who submits. There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam."

Al-Qaida mostly kills other Muslims - December 3, 2009

"Few would deny that Muslims too are victims of Islamist terror. But a new study by the Combating Terrorism Center in the US has shown that an overwhelming majority of al-Qaida victims are, in fact, co-religionists."

November 12, 2015 - No Peace!!! No Women So let me fuck your sister, you bitch we are trying to save them from the assholes like you, The ISIL & Al-Qaida are assholes they don't know any thing about real islam ... fuck you & fuck your government belive me the U.S.A government who made al qaida & isil to fraud the illusional stupid people like you, we love the peace and the islam is the religion of Peace. - AHMeD, Seattle
J.P. replies: Yes, I can sense your dedication to peace.

January 7, 2012 - okay you bastard what about the KKK and the Nazis and all those child molests in prison that are christian which most of them are. half your priest get arrested for child molestation. blind to your own kind and you never meet a Muslim so what gives you the right to talk you close minded bitch i how you go to hell and let the devil laugh at your face for being a fool and not following the true religion. oh by the way its the sinns that are the boomers not shia the sinn are the cause of 9/11. - from a true American, Detroit
J.P. replies: Muslim perversion.

January 6, 2013 - I am french converted to Islam Islam the way you peceived it has nothing to do with the Islam I have converted to you got it wrong God is not what you are saying God is beneficient and most mercifull most of the surats in Qu'ran start with bismillah rahama nerahim wich means in the name of Allah most great and mercifull!! MERCIFULL does other holly books start with that? does the thora start with such sentences? no so you see Islam is a religion of love and forgiveness! it is not what your government want you to see!!!! think!!! - sylvie, France
J.P. replies: "I am french converted to Islam..." You are still French, madam, in spite of turning your back on God, but you are a deep disappointment to the legacy of Charles Martel.

August 3, 2012 - Mr. Travis it seems you have a serious case of over generalization syndrome i.e. this group of people (for you Muslims) are all evil and not a single one of them could possibly be a good person. - Amy, North Dakota
J.P. replies: Any Muslim could "possibly" be a good person. Hence the embarrassment and tragedy that so few of them are. What holds them back is the inherent evil of their theology which is anti-female, anti-progress, anti-rational thought, anti-free will, anti-individual freedom... and, of course, anti-God.

November 12, 2010 - Allow me to tell everyone about my 1972 summer vacation with my mother and military father in Munich, Germany. I was 12 years old. It was a wonderful summer day and Mark Spitz was set to set records. Then suddenly there was screaming, shouting, pushing, polizei, madness and mayhem. I could hardly believe what I was witnessing. My mother and father tried to get us of the Olympic Campus but that was futile. Everything was shut down. Yes, that's right you, guessed it. I was smack dab in the middle of the Palestinian abduction of the Israeli Athletes. Here we are at a peaceful gathering of Nations to allow the best of the best to show the world that there is civil behavior among nations and what do the Palestinians do? They murder of course. It's all they are. They murder each other, they murder their women, they murder anyone who doesn't kneel to them. I have a difficult time siding with anyone who murders innocent people as a protest to government actions. Did they murder government officials? NO, they murdered people who had nothing to do with their gripe. They lost all credibility with me that day. And their actions since then hasn't been much better. If you want the world to hear your plea and actually help your cause I suggest not using your gripe as justification to feed your murderous appetite. Innocent Palestinians have paid a heavy price for their murderous leaders lack of diplomacy. Yet, they continue to vote the same murderers to positions of power. Perhaps they all have murderous appetites. Just saying...... - LiAnne, Connecticut

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