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Today's big stories: February 9, 2014

Stupid bureaucrat of the week: Eric Pickles. Mr. Pickles, Local Government Secretary in the UK, says the answer to flooding in southwest England is international aid to poorer countries, which will ease the Global Warming that caused the floods. With people like this in charge of the situation, flood victims have no hope.

India's 1,300-year war against Muslim aggression. Surely there are some European countries who can identify with what's happening in India. Muslims even have a name for it: grand-jihad-by-sabotage. The purpose of all jihad is to institute sharia, plain and simple, and when Muslims don't have enough strength for open war, they wage jihad with infiltration and the twisting of a host country's political process.

John McCain acted like an asshole last week. Again. This time he insulted a delegation of Syrian Christians, invited to address senators in the Senate Arms Services Committee meeting room. McCain doesn't like to hear about Syrian rebels exterminating the Christian population because he wants to arm these whack-job Islamist crazies. His behavior was so bad, Senator Graham felt obligated to apologize to the Syrians for it. Question for Arizona voters: Why do you keep inflicting this guy on America?

Mutts compete at Westminster for first time in 130 years. This is entirely appropriate for two reasons: one, mutts are the best dogs in the world; and two, Americans, being mostly mixed-breeds ourselves, tend to root for the mutts and will appreciate their inclusion. Go mutts!

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