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Today's big stories: February 15, 2014

"Kerry is just beginning to tackle the issue." The issue being the long-awaited Obama-delayed Keystone Pipeline. "Just beginning?" He's been Secretary of State for over a year! Someone tell this dunce the State Department has been holding this thing up for years, environmental worries have been allayed, and it's time to shit or get off the pot. For God's sake, what's he been doing? It's not like there's a list of accomplishments he can point to as an excuse—if anything, Kerry as SoS is an international joke.

Obamas off on their 23rd vacation. He's off to golf in California and she's off to ski in Aspen... even though he's a pathetic golfer and she doesn't ski worth a damn. But hey, it's the taxpayers' dime so why not? How anyone, even from among their own immediate families and closest friends, can look at these two political dilettantes without the gorge rising in the back of their throat is a mystery.

2013 oil production in North Dakota sets another record. 313.5 million barrels pumped for the year, the sixth annual record in a row. North Dakota is almost single-handedly keeping the nation afloat while Democrats in Washington try to sink us.

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