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Today's big stories: January 31, 2014

Hillary with biggest lead ever, Mitt leading in New Hampshire, Fluke considering run for Congress. Liberty weeps.

Speaking of weeping, Boehner released his immigration reform plan. And it looks exactly like the same old bullshit Washington politicians have pelted us with in the past. The fix is in, establishment pols have been bought and paid for, we no longer have a functioning two-party system in the United States, face it. We have progs and we have progs masquerading as non-progs—we have Democrats and we have Repubicans who wish they were Democrats so by golly people will like them.

Brutal video: blue collar workers discover cost of Obamacare. Before I feel sorry for them, I want to know who they voted for in the last two presidential elections. There's no pity to spare for Obama voters suddenly wising up.

Keystone Pipeline clears State Dept. environmental hurdle. So now what excuse will Obama use for not approving it?

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