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Synchronicity and Trump

March 22, 2016

Six hundred fourteen days later, after caring for a dying mother and nurturing Travelyn Publishing off the ground, I am back. And just in the nick of time apparently because Donald Trump is leading in the race for the Republican nomination. Donald Trump. Egad, what the hell, people? I step out of the room for 614 days and y’all start a food fight?

I know what I am about to say will irritate anyone who has sampled the Trump Kool-Aid and enjoyed the taste but, if that describes you, step off the bandwagon for a minute and hear me out, please. I’m going to tell you why that Kool-Aid is bad for you... [read the rest]
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January 12, 2015

I've always thought this particular column was the best summary anywhere of the sleazy way Obamacare was passed—surely covering everything salient—but then in October of 2013, Megyn Kelly narrated a four-minute video on Fox News that attacks the sleaze from a different perspective, ignoring how the filibuster-proof 60–40 majority was manufactured but reviewing, rather, the questionable legislative maneuvers Democrats used, the backlash among Americans afterward, and Republican promises about repeal. It's not a better summary but it's a great complement.

Meanwhile, information continues to be added and repercussions continue to be felt... [read followup]

Repel the invasion

July 17, 2014

While I've been taking a summer break from pontificating and expostulating, the United States of America seems to be coming a cropper. (That means things are going badly. Bear with me. I've been reading a lot of 19th century English this summer and it's making me sound like Sherlock Holmes chasing a dog that doesn't bark.)

Never mind the sorry state of the economy which gets worse every day, forcing the government to lie to us more outrageously every day. (No, my friends, the unemployment situation is not improving and yes, inflation is much higher than the official number produced by the federal government.) Never mind the deteriorating Middle East... [read the rest]
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Do you know who Jamie Gorelick is?

July 10, 2014

It's always a treat to revisit old columns attired in the mantle of validation. Two years after I detailed the suspiciously catastrophic career of Jamie Gorelick—catastrophic for the United States of America, that is, not for her—the ever-observant Ace of Spades has noticed that World Net Daily detailed the link between Gorelick and the IRS scandal... [read followup]

Guest columnist: Teri Davis Newman

There are no words to describe my rage

May 24, 2014

The VA scandal is literally beyond the pale. In addition to being a NATIONAL DISGRACE, it's a very good preview of what life is going to be like under the future Obamacare disaster. Our veterans were willing to give up their lives to protect and defend our once-great nation and Obama WHO WAS AWARE OF THE PROBEMS AND CAMPAIGNED IN 2008 ON REFORM has done NOTHING. Wait, I take that back—he's played 172 rounds of golf (and not done yet!!) while our brave patriots are dying waiting for medical care.

We need to fix this and fast... [read the rest]

Cirque du NBA

May 10, 2014

[J.P.'s Moment of Common Sense. For a list of subscribing radio stations, click here.]

Normally, JPAttitude avoids national stories that enter into the tabloid realm. What can a one-man operation possibly add to a titillating sex scandal that everybody else is covering 24/7?


Well, I'm hereby making an exception for the story about the racist owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. I don't have to research high-priced prostitutes in California to see the truth here, which is this: in spite of non-stop coverage for three straight weeks about surreptitiously-recorded racist comments, nobody seems to have noticed that the smell coming from the NBA is even stinkier than Donald Sterling... [read the rest]

Obama milestones

April 27, 2014

[J.P.'s Moment of Common Sense. For a list of subscribing radio stations, click here.]

Every president has a legacy: some of them good, some of them bad. The general tenor of that legacy will confound the efforts of partisan historians to polish, stymie attempts by political enemies to defame, and ultimately be determined by the milestones reached, by the nation as a whole, during his residence in the White House.

Look at Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, and Ulysses S. Grant: whatever they accomplished before being elected, whatever else they accomplished, good or bad, while president, they are remembered for certain milestones: Reagan for winning the Cold War, Hoover as the guy who was president when the Great Depression hit, and Grant for presiding over the most scandal-plagued presidency in U.S. history.

Until now, that is. Barack Obama has him beat by a mile (stone)... [read the rest]


April 12, 2014

[J.P.'s Moment of Common Sense. For a list of subscribing radio stations, click here.]

A Frenchman, an American, and a Brit are having a drink in a bar when the subject of savoir faire comes up. The American says, "I know what savoir faire is—that's when a man comes home early from work, catches his wife in bed with another man, and says, 'Oops, pardon me.'"

"You're close," says the Brit, "but a bit off. Savoir faire is when a man comes home early from work, catches his wife in bed with another man, and says, 'Oops, pardon me, please continue.'"

"Gentlemen!" objects the Frenchman, in high dudgeon... [read the rest]

The water under Noah's Ark

March 28, 2014

This weekend, Director Darren Aronofsky's version of Noah's Ark will be in movie theatres. According to people invited to early screenings, the story in the movie doesn't much resemble the Biblical version. Believe it or not, Hollywood managed to make a movie about Noah without once using the word "God" in the dialogue. Instead of being about morality, judgment, and God's mercy, the movie is about over-population and environmental degradation.

[Insert snicker here.]

If there is one thing we've learned about liberals over the last few years, there is nothing they cannot blame on climate change... [read the rest]

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