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Today's big stories: January 25, 2014

Supreme Court issues injunction against contraception mandate. Add this to the dozens of postponements and constant rewriting of the law Obama does by executive fiat. At this point we should be asking, “What parts of the Affordable Care Act – if any – are still in place?”

Homeland Security chief says illegals have "earned the right to be citizens." This is the guy whose job it is to enforce immigration laws—that's how screwed we are.

Global Warming threatens Super Bowl. With the U.S. experiencing record low temps and another cold front on the way, the NFL is threatening to re-schedule the game. We say, “Dont wussy out, NFL! Here’s a better idea: gather up the six biggest-mouthed climate alarmists, strip them naked, and make them run a hundred-yard dash at half time. It’ll be a ratings bonanza.”

SLAPPstick farce. Mark Steyn talks about anti-SLAPP laws and the lawsuit filed against him by Michael Mann.

Minnesota film festival yanks pro-fracking documentary. But they will show two films critical of fracking. They should change the name of this thing from Frozen River Film Festival to Frozen Opinion Propaganda Binge.

Gay rights activist pleads guilty to possessing child pornography. For some reason mainstream media outlets don't think it's news that Larry Brinkin, veteran gay rights advocate and former San Francisco Human Rights Commission staffer, had images on his computer of toddlers engaged in sex acts with men.

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