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Today's big stories: January 26, 2014

Michigan governor wants visas for immigrants willing to live in Detroit. Things are this bad? We have to bribe people from foreign lands to get someone to live in Detroit?

Sandra Fluke thinks birth control can save the economy. To watch someone so blissfully unaware of her own shame and silliness proceed as though she has dignity and a connection to reality... well, it's psychically painful to the watcher.

Nigerian scams H1-B visas for fictitious university. He got away with it for six years. We’re not saying immigration enforcement is a joke in the U.S., but ICE actually helped this guy collect illegal payments from the poor Filipino nurses he was blackmailing.

Queen Latifah officiating at gay weddings during Grammy Awards. Just what America needs on a Sunday evening. Apparently Hollywood thinks they haven’t foisted enough gay bullshit on us already—we need more.

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