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Today's big stories: February 8, 2014

Lake Superior 92% frozen over, a new record. The Great Lakes as a whole are 77% frozen over, also closing in on a new record. Since the lakes added 11% over the last week and temperatures are still well below freezing, that record seems achievable. With this news, reports of growing ice cover in the Arctic, and ice 27.4% above normal in the Antarctic, you have to wonder how long the Michael-Mann-flim-flam artists can keep their Global Warming scam going.

Woman singled out by TSA for reading The Jewish Press. At the same time, a Muslim woman wearing a niqab that covered her entire face except for eyes was waved through without even verifying her identity. There's no way to talk about this without violating Godwin's law.

Iranian naval fleet sent to threaten U.S. maritime borders. It's always difficult to objectively measure another nation's degree of overall craziness, but this helps. If the Iranians think they can intimidate the United States with their navy, of all things, they are obviously batshit crazy... and that's a scientifically accurate judgment.

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