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Today's big stories: February 2, 2014

Super Bowl comments anybody? Facebook wants to take away Twitter’s “second screen” status and become the venue of choice for comments during the game. A pox on both of them. They’re both run by liberal weenies who censor conservatives so stay here or go here to make comments, instead.

Woody Allen's daughter details sexual abuse by Oscar-nominated director. For the first time, Dylan Farrow publicly calls out Woody (ick, creepy name given the circumstances) and his Hollywood cronies by name.

John Kerry threatens Israel with boycott if they don't make peace with Palestinians. Israel has responded by calling Kerry an anti-Semite. Good times, eh? Days after lifting the boycott of Iran, a terrorism-sponsoring rogue nation that promises to drop nuclear bombs on both Israel and America, it does seem a peculiar time to threaten a boycott of the only functioning democracy in the Middle East... which also happens to be our only real ally in the Middle East. I'm not sure Kerry is an anti-Semite, though. I think he simply possesses a phenomenal, other-worldly, difficult-for-the-Israelis-to-comprehend amount of stupidity and is enthusiastically allowing that attribute free rein in his new job.

Elizabeth "Cherokee" Warren wants U.S. Post Office in the banking business. She wants them offering checking accounts, bill paying services, and small loans. Why? Because the Post Office has proven to be successful at business, needs longer lines at lunch time, and has a surplus of money available to lend, that's why. (Don't question. She taught at Harvard.)

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