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Matt Damon, Rick Perry, and True Blood

September 8, 2011

Contagion, a new movie starring Matt Damon, is opening in theatres tomorrow.  Like many if not most Matt Damon movies, this one is less about entertainment and making money for its producers than about political propaganda.

Damon has a long history of using his profession for propaganda and this latest effort is illustrative of the near-monopoly the left has on vehicles of information in the modern world.  We are assailed by left-leaning baloney in our movies, television shows, newspapers, classrooms from kindergarten through graduate school, government press releases, and even churches.  Anybody who thinks the 2012 presidential election is a no-brainer because of the disastrous results of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda, think again.  By the time the left is done pounding crap into your brain twenty four hours a day for the next year, you won’t remember what the truth is.

In other words, be careful or you’ll end up like Al Gore.

Looking at Damon’s history over the last few years, you can see how hard these people work at the job of “reeducating“ the public.  Last year he narrated Inside Job, a leftwing documentary about the financial crisis that ignored the role liberal politicians played in poisoning the real estate market.  He also gave us Green Zone, a fictional movie about a U.S. Army officer searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that was so biased critics labeled it “anti-American.”  In 2009 he narrated The People Speak, a leftwing version of American history written by socialist Howard Zinn and released The Informant! which tells the story of Mark Whitacre from an anti-corporate viewpoint, glossing over the fact that Mark stole nine and a half million dollars from his employer.  In 2008, Damon took the time to play a cameo part in Che: Part Two, apparently because his communist inclinations couldn’t resist being associated with the left’s iconic hero.  (And they probably gave him a free Che T-shirt.)  In between all this Tinseltown political crap, he throws in action movies like the Bourne series or Ocean’s Thirteen because he needs an occasional big payday to finance his propaganda hobby.

Contagion might seem to be a harmless sci-fi horror movie but if you’ve been following the relentless attempts by the government to force-feed vaccines on the unsuspecting public over the last few years, you’ll understand the ultimate goal of the movie.  I wrote about the Swine Flu scam in January, detailing how the governments of the world invented an imaginary pandemic to generate billions of dollars in profits for vaccine makers and increased power for government bureaucracies.  In the end, Swine Flu was a non-event.  It was milder than regular flu and acted like a giant worldwide free vaccine to ameliorate the effects of normal seasonal flu.

People aren’t stupid.  They figured out they were misled (the Australian flu season precedes ours by six months so Americans knew Swine Flu was a non-event before the flu season even started) and there’s been growing blowback against government efforts to cram more and more vaccines down our throats.  Contagion is designed to fight that blowback and convince people the next flu pandemic is just around the corner, and we should listen when the nice government man tells us we need to be vaccinated.  The movie casts Avian influenza—or Bird Flu—as the viral culprit, which you might remember as the flu they tried to scare us with before they spent two years trying to scare us with Swine Flu.

They should try something they haven’t already used.  How about Aardvark Flu?

Matt Damon knows who his masters are.  The pharmaceutical industry made a deal with President Obama and Democrats during the debate about health care, a deal which exempted the industry from any new legislation, guaranteed billions of dollars worth of government vaccine purchases, continued government support for mandatory vaccinations, protected the pharmaceutical companies from legal liability when their vaccines kill people, and allowed them to sell vaccines which have never undergone safety testing.  In return, Democrats got public support from the pharmaceutical industry for the monstrosity called Obamacare.

Does it surprise you that Contagion used consultants from the U.S. government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) while making the movie?  Does it surprise you that the movie was originally scheduled for release October 21 but was moved up to September 9 to better coincide with the beginning of the flu vaccination season?

Sometimes the propaganda is more subtle than a Matt Damon movie.  Rick Perry is currently being accused by the mainstream media of being too far right, and the attacks are relentless and vitriolic.  At first glance, the message one gets is that Rick Perry is a strong conservative—maybe just the guy we need to counteract the damage done by Obama—and that false perception has vaulted him into the frontrunner position in the Republican presidential campaign.

But the attacks on Perry are phony—propaganda by reverse psychology.  The mainstream media is promoting him by appearing to attack him.  They accuse him of being ultra-conservative to hide the fact that he’s not conservative at all.  The left, the establishment, and government insiders want Rick Perry to win because he’s basically one of them and they know it.

If they can’t have Jon Hunstman heading the Republican ticket, they’ll take Rick Perry, by golly.  Either one of them is the next best thing if they can’t elect an actual Democrat.

If you think mandatory flu vaccinations are a bad idea, how about mandatory vaccinations of little girls against the venereal disease called genital warts?  On February 2, 2007, Perry issued an executive order as governor of Texas mandating that all 12-year-old girls in the state be vaccinated against Human papillomavirus (HPV) using Gardasil, a brand new vaccine with serious safety concerns manufactured by the drug company Merck, which, it just so happens, donated $6,000 to Perry’s campaign and hired his former Chief of Staff Mike Toomey to handle its Texas lobbying.

Does that sound like a conservative, individual-rights-valuing, Tea Party-type Republican or does it sound like the dirty under-the-table deal between Democrats and drug companies in Washington?  Girls have been sickened, paralyzed, and even died after getting the Gardasil vaccine, and the damn thing doesn’t provide much protection against genital warts anyway.  What kind of despot would subject little girls to such a risk?

And do we really want to promote him to President?

Perry started his political life as a Democrat, supported Hillary Clinton’s attempt to enact government health care and Al Gore’s presidential election campaign in 1988, then shifted to the Republican side when it benefited his personal election chances... just like that slimy Pennsylvania traitor Arlen Specter, who ended up as a two-time turncoat when he switched back to being a Democrat to be in Harry Reid’s majority.  The last thing conservatives need is another Arlen Specter.

The mainstream media painting Perry as ultra-conservative is an amazing and audacious example of propaganda, and if Republicans fall for it they’ll find themselves with another John McCain running for president.

While Hollywood is engaged in non-stop efforts to push the liberal agenda on America, it’s not often you get to see the propaganda laid bare.  I signed up for HBO last week and ended up watching two seasons of the HBO series True Blood over the course of one weekend.  True Blood is one place where you can see the propaganda laid bare because the HBO television series started its life as a series of books by Charlaine Harris.  Watching the television series you can see where HBO producers chose to ignore the author’s storylines and insert their own ideas, and those choices are revealing:
1. Lafayette, the gay character, dies in the first book of the True Blood series but because Hollywood loves to spotlight and promote gay characters (gay men are less than 1% of the population but seem to be in every prime time TV sitcom) he lives on and becomes a star in the television version.

2. Lafayette has meaningless and ephemeral relationships in the book, as tends to be the norm among gay men in real life, but since Hollywood doesn’t like that notion they put him in a strong, healthy, monogamous relationship in the television version.  In fact, it’s the only strong, healthy, monogamous relationship on the whole show!

3. In the books, the witches who battle the vampires are just that, witches, but in the television version they made a special effort to trace the head witch’s mental instability to her torture and abuse by Catholic priests in a former life.  That arbitrary tidbit added nothing to the story taking place in modern-day Louisiana.  It was simply a cheap shot at Christianity and the Catholic Church that HBO producers couldn’t resist.

4. To add grist for the anti-Catholic mill, they made the ultimate hero of the final witch-vampire battle a demon.  That’s right, a demon called forth by Lafayette’s gay boyfriend saves everybody from the Catholic-torture-inspired witch.  No joke.
This column isn’t about boycotting Matt Damon movies or refusing to consider Rick Perry as a candidate or permanently turning off our television sets.  We have to be of the world if we want to affect the world.  This is about remembering, always and everywhere, in all venues, that the left is engaged in an active, conscious, pernicious, demonic attempt to confuse minds, change viewpoints about what is normal, and blur the sharp natural distinction between reality and fantasy.

Because fantasy is the only place where they can win an argument.

From Reno, Nevada, USA       

September 10, 2011 - "Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep..." (digging out the golden oldies...) - Kate S., Michigan
J.P. replies: Smart aleck.  That's why I listed all those Matt Damon movies, so people could see he really is engaged in spreading a message.

September 10, 2011 - Loved your article this week Jim! Watched the debate the other night and I am just not crazy about Perry... couldn't put my finger on it tho (except he dies his hair). You summarized it intelligently and beautifully....thx. - Mary D., Michigan

September 10, 2011 - I was until very recently a vehement foe of Perry precisely because of the Gardasil debacle. However, while I still don't like what he did, it is worth noting that the vaccinations cost $360, and most insurance companies will not cover it UNLESS it IS mandatory. Perry MAY have been sincere in his desire to guarantee people's access regardless of income. - Kathy, Kansas
J.P. replies: I respect your opinion, but the statists ALWAYS find "good reasons" for infringing upon individual liberty.  At some point, we as Americans need to remember that freedom is more valuable than safety and make the politicians understand there are repercussions when they forget that basic principle.

September 9, 2011 - I don't give a damn if Rick Perry is the best presidential candidate in every other aspect. Any government official who even thinks to take away my parental rights and my ability to determine what I believe is best for my children will never have my support. Even with an opt out clause this is a complete violation of our rights. I am tired of fearing what the governments next move will be. What freedom will be taken next? God gives us the freedom to choose. Do these idiots actually think they know better than our Lord? - HardCase, Michigan
J.P. replies: Michelle Malkin (who seems to have the same fierce-mother attitude as you) had an interesting take on vaccine opt-out clauses.  She said USING an opt-out clause often means an uphill battle with school bureaucrats.  So a mandatory vaccine with an opt-out clause, in practical terms, pretty much means mandatory.

September 9, 2011 - I too wondered why they kept Lafayette around in HBO's True Blood... and came to the same conclusion you did: pressure from the gay lobby in Hollywood. Gotta have one positively portrayed gay character in every TV show, that's the rule! - A.L., Nevada

September 9, 2011 - So, dude, who killed the Kennedys? After all, was it you and me? Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green day. - Carlito, New York

September 9, 2011 - It shouldn't be ignored that the other governor who pushed for and got a Gardasil requirement for young girls was Virginia democrat Tim Kaine, currently running for the Senate seat being vacated by Jim Webb in 2012. The Virginia press seems to have 'forgotten' this little bit of Kaine's past. - Chester A., Virginia

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