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Hard Case

Yeah, about that "Hard Case" nickname... that really wasn't my idea. My name is Casey, and J.P. just thinks "Hard Case" is soooo clever. Men.

I'm in my late twenties, rebelled my way through high school, barely graduated after switching from public high school to charter school number one and then to charter school number two which collapsed financially and was rescued by the same public school system I left in the first place which renamed it and reopened it and that became charter school number three.

Got all that? That's my education in a nutshell. I think the name of the school I graduated from was Charter School of Restaurant Science and Nuclear Physics... or something like that.

I keep wanting to go back to school, but I fell in love, got married, and have three children. All boys. (Sigh.) I guess my story is a pretty common story for women, and I value my motherhood job too much to say I regret it. Until they get older, I just have to settle for self-education. Sometimes that's the best kind.

My dad thinks I'm tough, so maybe the "Hard Case" thing does fit. I'm not so sure I'm tough, but I do tend to go to war when I think something is wrong, and the liberal socialist bullshit happening in this nation is WRONG.

So I'm going to war, here on From me you get the viewpoint of the young family working to survive, and you'll learn how people who work and struggle to make ends meet feel about a world where everybody seems to be a victim and want a check from the government.

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