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Today's big stories: February 4, 2014

WH wrote pro-Obamacare tweets for NFL players to parrot during Super Bowl. Before you scoff, it makes for a handy concussion test. Any player mentally deranged enough to waste time tweeting White House-written Obamacare crap is obviously suffering from brain damage and needs an MRI.

To boost morale, IRS plans employee bonuses. These are the same "employees" who allowed themselves to be used as police-state enforcers against conservative political groups. In what parallel universe does subrogation of the Constitution and tyrannical suppression of political opinion earn someone a bonus?

Greenie weenies issue warning to President Obama. Environmental groups are threatening to stay home on Election Day if he approves the Keystone Pipeline. Given that liberals often vote more than once, lord knows how many votes this could cost in November.

Gay sex in Peru. If you are a citizen of the United States of America, you've spent $2,122,137 studying it. Why? Well, apparently it's a mystery to government bureaucrats why gay sex workers keep getting syphilis and HIV.

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