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November 15, 2012

When it comes to elections, the manner and methodology by which Democrats cheat are myriad. Just when you think you have the problem of liberal election fraud delineated, so you can have a decent dinner table conversation about it without embarrassing yourself, you discover a completely new form of skeevy perfidy operating in plain sight.

The November 6 election had all the normal classes of cheating plus a brand new method: a giant conspiracy among federal government agencies to hide a growing and exceptionally putrid collection of bad news items from American voters.

Better to hide reality from people than let the buck proceed to its natural stopping place – that was the strategy.

The information started trickling out while Americans were still at the polls. A State Department contractor briefing foreign journalists informed them that U.S. Treasury securities are expected to get downgraded again. Since last year’s downgrade by Standard & Poors was the first downgrade of U.S. government debt in history, you would think this would be important news that voters needed to hear.

The next day, with voting finished and the election in the bag, the government and its mainstream media cohorts opened the gates and released a flood of bad news they were holding in abeyance to preserve the tattered remnants of Barack Obama’s image. If any of these stories had been reported before the election they might have ruined his chances – if all of them had been reported, he would have looked like the worst president in history.

First of all, businesses across the country suddenly started announcing layoffs and factory closings. Many of these companies are defense contractors required by federal law to announce layoffs on November 1, but were told by the Obama administration to wait until after the election.

That’s how cavalier and obvious Democrat dishonesty is. They assume voters are too stupid and ill-informed to notice and too apathetic to care if they do happen to notice. The President of the United States instructed defense contractors to break the law so he could win an election. Read it and weep, this is now your country. It’s a frightening statement and it’s not debatable or arguable – he did it with public guidance from the government, visible for all to see. “Please break the law by waiting until after the election,” said the Labor Department, followed by, “Don’t worry about breaking the law because we’ll pay the legal costs when you get in trouble,” from the Office of Management and Budget.

Non-defense companies also announced layoffs, some because they decided Obamacare is more certain now. (Most intelligent businessmen were hoping otherwise.) Those job losses are directly attributable to the mess Democrats have made of our nation’s healthcare, which might have been valuable information before the election but merely makes us sad and afraid now. We're stuck now.

Other companies announced layoffs because they assume Obama will continue to wreck the American economy with more regulations and continued deficit spending. The Blaze started trying to keep track and they counted dozens of layoff announcements in the first two days after the election, including Energizer, Boeing, Westinghouse, US Cellular, Husqvarna, Bristol-Meyers, Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc.), Caterpillar, Target, Kmart, and Harley-Davidson.

There’s nothing the left covets more than power and control. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, they’re all the same. Wednesday, one day after the election, the Obama administration announced renewed support for worldwide gun control through the vehicle of the United Nations, and Harry Reid announced he would change the rules of the senate to give Democrats more control. The two announcements are complementary: international treaties through the United Nations are a nifty way to eliminate individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution – e.g., the right to bear arms – but treaties need to be ratified by the Senate and Republicans will resist efforts to reverse the Bill of Rights using what is basically a loophole.

Can you imagine if Democrats had been honest and announced before the election that they want to take away our guns and increase partisanship in congress?

Thursday, November 8, two days after the election, the Pentagon announced that Iran fired on a U.S. drone over the Persian Gulf. This was essentially an act of war by a country that Barack Obama promised during his 2008 campaign to sweet-talk out of its nuclear and terrorist belligerence by opening a dialogue. This attack suggested flaws in the president’s foreign policy strategy and was certainly relevant to voters making decisions about his effectiveness as a leader. The incident occurred seven days earlier, but the Pentagon waited until after the election to make its announcement.

Friday, the bad news became an avalanche. The food stamp report due October 31 was finally released nine days late, showing a record number of Americans – 47.1 million – receiving food stamps, and a monthly increase that was the biggest monthly increase in a year. Ouch. No surprise they held that one until after the election. The food stamp report is compiled by the Department of Agriculture... in case you’re keeping track of the different federal government agencies surreptitiously working for the Obama re-election campaign.

Also on Friday, the Department of Justice let the world know that Jesse Jackson, Jr., who won re-election himself on Tuesday, had negotiated a plea deal regarding some sort of financial shenanigans that will necessitate Jesse resigning from Congress and possibly going to prison.

Gee whiz, that would have been nice to know before the election.

Then the Interior Department announced that it was blocking access to 1.6 million acres of oil shale to protect the feelings of sage grouse and peevish, pouty, radical-left environmentalists, and to hell with the price of gasoline or the country’s energy needs.

Still on Friday, still only three days after the election, General Petraeus announced he was resigning from his position as Director of the CIA because he’d been caught by the FBI having an extra-marital affair with his biographer. Once again, the news was old but hidden from the public, this time for months. Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the affair back during the summer, the White House almost certainly knew about it shortly after Holder learned about it, and everybody: Justice, the FBI, the CIA, and the White House sat on the information – risking national security – until after the election... hey, at least these people have priorities.

In case you’ve forgotten, something rather devastating happened during that period when everybody in the Obama administration knew about the CIA director’s breeches of national security but were still hiding it from the public: four Americans including the ambassador to Libya were killed at a CIA annex in Benghazi. Probably just a coincidence.

Meanwhile, along the East Coast where Hurricane Sandy left thousands of Americans homeless and powerless, FEMA was mismanaging another natural disaster but none of the really bad news was released to the public before the election. Then it flooded onto front pages starting the day after the election. People were still without power and water and food, gasoline was being rationed, FEMA was taking days off while people were suffering, dead bodies were still being found more than a week after the hurricane, and unions were refusing to let non-union workers help with emergency relief. Thousands of cases of water were sitting at staging areas waiting for bureaucracies to move them to where they were needed while thirsty people all over New York and New Jersey were still boiling water for a drink.

Disaster management after Hurricane Sandy makes the job done after Hurricane Katrina look like a picnic in the park, but all anybody heard before the election was rapturous compliments from New Jersey governor Christie about what a great job Obama did.

The federal government agencies listed so far: the State Department, the Labor Department, the Office of Management and Budget, our United Nations staff, the Senate, the Pentagon, the Department of Agriculture, the Justice Department, the Interior Department, the CIA, the FBI, the White House, and FEMA. Those thirteen government agencies gallantly concealed the truth from American voters to help the cause of the president and his political party, swallowing bad news into their vast bureaucratic bellies until the election was safely won.

And then projectile vomiting the putrid effluvium all at once.

If Democrats are willing to enlist the entire capacity of the federal government in their campaign’s behalf, hiding truth and obscuring reality, and if the federal bureaucracy is willing to be enlisted, what chance did Romney have? What chance will Republicans ever have?

What chance does democracy have?

From Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA       

November 20, 2012 - I have a lot friends who do not have a clue. Maybe thats the way to go. Just live every day with no worries and be positive the democrats know what they are doing. Bill said I should get on food stamps but I didn't make the cut. Would like one of those free phones. He has already managed in 4 yrs. to redistribute the money and it starts now. Have a nice thanksgiving and love to everyone. – Lea, Illinois

November 16, 2012 - I think there are many who look at him as this great Redeemer for black people, for gay people, and for groups that haven't been treated well by our society. You are not talking about a normal President, you are attempting to reason with people who are voting on emotion and not intellect. Not all, but most of his supporters are young, uninformed, or emotionally driven groups of people. I would say many of the remaining are union workers or low-income folks who also depend on his socialist policies for their own survival. Any intelligent, informed voter is going to at some point acknowledge that Obama is an awful president and leader in every respect. That he is not a great redeemer, but rather a great embarassment to what was once a highly regarded nation. The problem is that informed, intelligent people are very hard to come by these days. Stupid runs the show now. Btw, I still don't know why you continue to support guys like Romney. When are you going to look at candidates who are fiscally conservative, support limited government, and individual liberty? When are YOU going to wake up Mr. ? Ron Paul. 2016. – Samantha, Michigan

November 15, 2012 - According to your party, we've had FOUR years of nothing but 'bad news', AND the American people still elected President Barack Obama. When are you going to pull your head out of the sand and recognize that the people don't want what the Republican party is selling. Don't you get that??? Bottom line...No matter how bad this president has done, America still did not want Mitt Romney. Again, don't you get that? What does that say for the Republicans? Guess you hadn't thought of that, huh? – Cautious Reader, Wisconsin

November 15, 2012 - "They assume voters are too stupid and ill-informed to notice and too apathetic to care if they do happen to notice." Yes, JP that is exactly how the Dems think and what's worse is that they are correct in their thinking. I point to "cautious reader" as an example along wiht the rest of the 52% that supposedly re-elected BO. – drb, North Carolina

November 15, 2012 - Cautious- it's not bitterness. It's outrage! The fact this administration has withheld information from ALL of us. The big question should be why? Do we Americans have to be coddled and protected from the truth? Is it the governments job to let small tidbits out at their convenience to help us digest it and understand it? Or is what they are doing hoping that in doling out minute details that we Americans will lose interest? Furthermore the length and width of this administrations incompetence not just in one agency and department is astounding. As the leader of the free world this president should be humiliated and embarrassed that his lack of leadership has set the tone from the top down. In fact, I dont think that this group of individuals could make the president look any more stupid or incompetent. All without trying. Can you imagine the magnitude of idiocy that could exist if they put time and effort into it? There has been no firings, no resignations other than Petreaus (and his was only becuase got caught with his pants down). Nope everyone else is going around doing their mediocre day to day job. Business as usual. Except for 4 Americans lost their lives due to the neglect, the incompetence of those that were put into positions that one can now argue was above their competence in the first place. And to get anyone to come before any sort of investigative committee has been an inconvenience to their schedules. Yet if it was their son, brother, father or husband that list their lives they would be the first in line screaming the loudest and with the most outrage. – Pam T., Virginia

November 15, 2012 - Quote, "Romney cast his loss in a different light, at least in a phone call with top donors Wednesday. He asserted that Obama won re-election because of the "gifts" the president had already provided to Blacks, Hispanics and young voters. Jindal, however, attributed Romney's loss to a lack of "a specific vision that connected with the American people." End quote. And you all still don't get it. STILL BITTER, EH? – Cautious Reader, Wisconsin
J.P. replies: From the Labor Department today: jobless claims rise. From the Census Bureau today: poverty rate spikes. From Europe today: Euro zone enters second recession since 2009. From national security officials today: Petraeus mistress had classified documents on her computer. And Texas Instruments just announced it's firing 5% of its workforce. At what point does the post-election avalanche of bad news make you realize they were hiding the truth from you?

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