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President Silly Goose

April 4, 2012

Monday the president stepped in it again, saying something so silly he was required to explain and clarify how the monumental stupidity that erupted from his constantly flapping gums was not really what he said. He meant something else, by golly, and the rest of us simply don’t understand the complicated wisdom-osity of his profundity.

After all, he’s a Harvard grad.

Last week it was a near-treasonous aside to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev promising to give the Russians what they want “after my election, [when] I have more flexibility.” Monday it was a bumptious banality about the Supreme Court and its constitutional review of Obamacare:
“I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”
One of my daughters went through a short stage as a toddler when she would say, “Silly goose!” every time I teased her by intentionally misunderstanding her baby talk. That was a long time ago (so long ago that I don’t remember which daughter it was) but I still remember how unbearably cute it was. It’s not so cute when the President of the United States of America is the silly goose. In fact, it’s downright scary.

This man is dumb as a box of rocks. There, I’ve said it. I’ve been holding it in for three years, trying to respect the office of the presidency and listening to conservatives I genuinely respect talk about how we shouldn’t underestimate the guy. “He’s smart!” they warn. “He knows exactly what he’s doing!”

No, he doesn’t. He’s stupid – more stupid than evil. From the Heinz-fifty-seven states to the ten thousand tornado deaths in Kansas to the Navy “corpse-man” to the Austrian language, he proves it constantly. During the 2008 presidential campaign somebody found exam questions & answers written by Obama when he was a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School – the man can’t write. He cannot write. Here’s the beginning of a sample question:
“Law week, two men, Richard and Michael, walked into you office and asked for your help.”
He means, “Last week, two men, Richard and Michael, walked into your office and asked for help.” You can try to excuse this as typos, but the exam was written in 2003. People were using computers and word processors in 2003 – Microsoft Word was twenty years old and on its eleventh version. And Obama’s answer for the question is worse yet:
“The recent Romer opinion may not overturn (in fact, it doesn’t even mention) Bowers, but it nevertheless indicates that even under rational, basis review, the Equal Protection Clause does not permit classifications based merely on a majority’s “distaste” of a particular group – at least not insofar as the classification is not merely directed at the group’s ability to engage in particular conduct that the majority finds disturbing, but rather, is “class legislation” that potentially disadvantages the group in a range of activities unrelated to any particular conduct.”
Huh? Can we all say, “Unintelligible gobbledygook?”

So when President Obama says the Supreme Court overturning a law passed by a “democratically elected Congress” would be “unprecedented,” nobody should be surprised at how stupid he sounds. Everybody and his mother’s uncle have been correcting him for two days, from legal scholars to newspaper editors. The 5th Court of Appeals was so angry about the president's statement that it gave a DOJ attorney a homework assignment yesterday: she needs to come to court tomorrow with a three-page, single-spaced letter addressing whether the Executive Branch believes courts have the power to strike down an unconstitutional law.

Doesn't seem fair. Obama says something stupid, and she gets punished with extra homework.

Judging constitutionality is what the Supreme Court does, and when they decide a law passed by Congress is unconstitutional, as they’ve done countless times for over two hundred years, that means it is null and void. “Overturned.” That’s the purpose of the Supreme Court. Duh.

Obama’s intelligence is a myth, the invisible clothes he’s been wearing for thirty years, and you Harvard alums... well, it must irritate the deepest, darkest, moistest folds of your neurotic elitism to have your braininess represented by such a dolt.

If you accept the man’s stupidity – truly accept it – and also accept that his stupidity outweighs his evilness, then you don’t have to call him a liar as often. That’s what I’ve learned. Take the words “passed by a strong majority,” for instance. Obamacare was passed by the un-strongest, barest, most frenetically cobbled-together majority in the history of the United States congress. Harry Reid had to keep senators in session late into Christmas Eve to eke out the necessary 60-40 winning margin without a single vote to spare. The House passed it narrowly, 219-212, even though there was a huge Democrat majority at the time. The president, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi spent months making scabrous dishonorable deals with anybody and everybody, openly bribing people to vote for it. The president had to promise Bart Stupak that he would sign an executive order ensuring that Obamacare would never cover abortion... which, gee whiz, is not something an executive order can legally do. Stupak fell for the scam. He and other “pro-life” Democrats provided the winning margin of seven votes.

Finally, after the House and Senate versions of the bill were combined by a conference committee, with support fading from weak to invisible as the American public erupted in outrage, Pelosi decided to avoid any possibility of democracy intruding into the process by utilizing a trick called “reconciliation” to “deem” that Obamacare was passed with no further vote.

In other words, the final version of the bill wasn’t even voted on, let alone “passed by a strong majority.” It wasn’t passed, it was deemed.

I don’t think the president even remembers that part (or never understood it in the first place) so he's not lying when he says it "passed by a strong majority." The silly goose honks whatever the teleprompter tells him to honk, believing every word of his own nonsense, then climbs aboard Air Force One to fly south for his next speech.

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