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The five worst human beings in America

December 28, 2010

The holiday season is, like it or not, the retrospect season, when people wallow in remembrance and make lists to help themselves do it. 10 Best Songs, Best TV Shows, Top 10 Sports Moments, Top 25 Best Books – you name it, there’s a list.

How about this one: Top 20 Sex Scandals of 2010. (There, that should help the JPAttitude Google ranking…)

When it comes to lists, I resent the presumption that some other schmuck’s opinion about the past year matters to me, but I can’t resist looking at them. Even if it’s only to gnash my teeth and wail at the moon about how wrong they are, I read the doggone things.

What can I say? I have character flaws.

This year I made my own list. Mine is a list of people so dishonest, dangerous, repulsive, and malignant that it’s a toss-up whether our nation can survive their presence. In fact, it may be a sign of our terminal illness that they are allowed to exist – and even thrive – when almost any other nation-state in history would have protected itself by surgically excising them.

These five people are tumors in a diseased body politic. Boils festering on the surface of civilization. Fetid infections roiling through the guts of our… okay, okay, ‘nuf said. Let’s just say there are valid reasons to dislike these five people.

Barney Frank

The United States of America is suffering through the worst financial crisis in its history, caused by the collapse of the mortgage market which led to thousands of bank failures and millions of home foreclosures and business failures. As the ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee – chairman of the committee since January of 2007 – Congressman Barney Frank is responsible for the current misery and looming bankruptcy of the nation more than any other single person.

The Bush administration started warning Congress about the mortgage crisis in 2001, but Democrats, led by Frank in the House and Chris Dodd in the Senate, refused to listen or care. Watch this video and pay particular attention at the minute-and-a-half point when the smarmy congressman contradicts expert testimony and baldly states that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac “are not in a crisis.”

That was 2003. By 2008 the mortgage market had collapsed. It’s still questionable how – and whether – we can recover from this mess because after two years of foreclosures and bank rescues and futile government intervention, one out of every four American homeowners is still underwater on his mortgage.

Now, it is one thing to make a mistake and admit your error. That will make you unpopular, but at least you’re a man. It is another thing to consciously do what you know is wrong, regardless of the consequences to the nation whose interests you took an oath to serve, merely to enjoy personal sexual perversions and make a buck or two. There’s a reason that Barney Frank was adamant about resisting reform and regulation of Fannie and Freddie in that 2003 video: his boyfriend, Herb Moses, the man he called his “spouse,” was one of the executives running Fannie Mae, and Fannie Mae was donating gobs of money to the congressman’s campaign fund.

There’s no surprise here. Frank’s dishonesty and perversion received national attention in 1989 when he admitted hiring a male prostitute, paying him as a congressional aide to be his boyfriend, and knowing that the man was using the congressman’s home to “entertain clients.”

There’s a name for people who own a residence where professional whores work…

To this day, Madam Congressman is pushing for more of the very policies which created the financial crisis. He can’t or won’t admit he was wrong, and who knows how much sex & money he’s getting to maintain his position… one thing we know about Barney, he dreams about Fannie.

Ward Churchill

In a rational world, small-minded vicious little cretins would live their bitter and pathetic lives in human rat holes on the edges of society where normal people could avoid them. They wouldn’t become university professors and placed in contact with impressionable young minds.

21st century Americans think of civilization as a durable edifice immune to forces of destruction, but in reality it rests upon impermanent columns of support which need constant care. Just ask the citizens of Zimbabwe how ephemeral civilization can be – thirty years ago the people of Zimbabwe fed half the world; now they starve and shiver in fear as armed thugs rampage across the land raping and killing.

Education is one of the columns of support for civilization – arguably the most important – and Ward Churchill personifies everything wrong with education in America. From the beginning of his adult life to the pinnacle of his career, the man lied and cheated and befouled the academic process, yet the system rewarded and promoted him, making him a tenured professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

As we all know, tenured professors are harder to get rid of than ticks on a hog.

His lies began early, when he claimed that he was an Army paratrooper who served in Vietnam as Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP). Actually, he trained to be a projectionist and never went to Vietnam.

Somehow, in 1990, he parlayed his ability to lie about himself into an associate professorship at the University of Colorado even though the position usually requires a doctorate… which he didn’t have. One year later he was granted tenure… without the usual six-year probationary period. God knows what he said or did behind the scenes to skip probation. It’s frightening to ponder.

In 1992 Alfred University gave him an honorary doctorate for giving a lecture on American Indian history, which filled in his missing scholarship credentials – “Call me Dr. Churchill please!” – and started him on a habit of lying about his ethnicity. Suddenly he was part Muskogee and part Creek and part Cherokee and a member of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians. And maybe even the Last Mohican, who knows?

He was part baloney sandwich, too, because none of the Indian crap is true. Churchill is just a white guy from Illinois. The Keetoowahs made him an honorary “associate” member in return for something he promised to do for them but never did – that’s all, and the Keetoowah are still a little miffed about the whole thing – so now he was an honorary Indian with an honorary doctorate.

In 1996 he parlayed the fake ethnicity and fake doctorate into a position in UC’s brand new Ethnic Studies Department, where he was promoted to full professor one year later, and eventually chair of the whole department. Unbelievably, a white guy with a phony doctorate who was pretending to be an Indian was head of Ethnic Studies.

Only in academic America, I guess.

The downfall of Ward Churchill began in September of 2001 when he wrote an essay about 9/11 which argued that the U.S. deserved the attack and which disputed the innocence of World Trade Center workers, calling them “little Eichmanns” after the Nazi organizer of the Holocaust. Nobody really noticed the essay for four years, because, let’s face it, this was never a man wired into higher levels of intellectual thought or a guy with a wide readership. But in 2005 the essay received some national publicity and the shit hit the fan.

The trouble with being a small-minded vicious little cretin who belongs in a rat hole is that you don’t do well when exposed to light. Suddenly people took notice of Churchill’s scholarship – or lack thereof – and academic malfeasance. After an investigation, the university found that he was guilty of “serious research misconduct,” including falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism, and they fired him in 2007.

They couldn’t fire him for his 9/11 essay, because tenured professors are allowed to say any dumbass thing they want, and they didn’t address the lying about his ethnicity, because academics are as awkward as high school boys at a prom when it comes to the subject of race, but fortunately Ward is a multi-faceted liar and omnivorous cheat so they fired him nevertheless.

It’s not a 100% happy ending yet. He is still suing for reinstatement, and one of his most egregious fabrications – the nasty idea that the U.S. Army engaged in deliberate genocide of Native Americans through smallpox germ warfare – has somehow become part of popular wisdom and shows up regularly in movies and television shows.

James Hansen

Also important to civilization is our scientific knowledge. Since the 1980’s James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City, has been engaged in a kind of guerilla warfare against our knowledge base: fabricating, exaggerating, propagandizing, and stifling debate in order to promote a scientific theory which aids his personal career and advances his virulently leftwing political beliefs.

The theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) which Hansen has been promoting for more than a quarter century is almost totally discredited, but the damage caused by Hansen and a few other ideologues – Michael Mann at Penn State, Phil Jones at East Anglia in the UK, Kevin Trenberth at NCAR, etc. – remains. Federal, state, and local governments have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to prevent a non-existent crisis, and energy policies designed by AGW believers are costing us billions every year in inflated electric rates and gasoline prices.

Worst of all, silly AGW-inspired government mandates to turn edible corn crops into ethanol to run automobiles have raised food prices and caused starvation around the world. James Hansen is answerable for those deaths.

Like Ward Churchill, Hansen has a history of dishonesty. Days before the 2004 election, in a futile effort to hurt Bush’s reelection chances, he announced that the Bush administration was trying to “muzzle” him, although he brags about the thousands of interviews he has conducted and the numerous times he has testified on behalf of AGW… much of that while Bush was president.

Hansen’s boss at NASA from 1982 to 1994 calls him a “huge embarrassment,” and describes him as a “nice, likeable fellow… overcome by his belief – almost religious – that he's going to save the world.”

In 1988, when Hansen testified about AGW for the first time in front of a congressional committee, Senator Al Gore opened the windows of the committee room ahead of time, during a 98-degree summer heat wave, turning the room into a sweatbox to enhance the effect of Hansen’s testimony on his fellow senators. Dishonest trickery like that seems small-time compared to the AGW scam’s total cost, but it tells you all you need to know about James Hansen, Al Gore, and the rest of the Global Warming creeps.

David Thorstad

Speaking of creeps, David Thorstad is a founding member and frequent official spokesman for NAMBLA, an acronym which unbelievably stands for North American Man-Boy Love Association. These are men who advocate for the decriminalization of sex between grown men and children… mainly boys, because they’re mostly gay men. They don’t think there should be any age limit. They even think it’s okay if physical force is used, as long as there is no physical harm.

These are truly sick human beings.

At first glance, a man like David Thorstad seems too far outside society’s mainstream to be worthwhile for a list like this. Might as well list the criminally insane and mentally defective, right? But NAMBLA is unfortunately more mainstream than you think. Roman Polanski drugged a thirteen-year-old girl and then forcibly had sex with her, and he has garnered worldwide support from Hollywood personalities who think his crime wasn’t really that bad. “It wasn’t rape-rape,” said Whoopi Goldberg.

Scarier yet, on May 19, 2009, President Barack Obama appointed Kevin Jennings to be Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the Department of Education. Jennings is a gay former teacher who founded an organization called GLSEN that seeks to promote homosexuality to grade school students, and an open admirer of a man named Harry Hay, an early supporter of Thorstad’s NAMBLA and perhaps the premier proponent of sex between grown men and boys. Jennings calls Hay his inspiration.

Nice to know Jennings is in charge of “safe schools,” isn’t it?

Still don’t think Thorstad and his cause are mainstream enough to worry about? Last Monday, a Colorado man named Phillip Greaves was arrested for selling his how-to guide for pedophiles titled "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct” on

Here’s the punch line: the arrest warrant was filed by the state of Florida because the book doesn’t actually violate Colorado law.

When a nation cannot excise its tumors, they grow unimpeded. NAMBLA is legally allowed to exist because they pretend to merely advocate for the idea of sex with children and claim to merely lobby for a change in laws against it, without actually having sex with minors. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. The FBI sent an undercover agent into NAMBLA for three years, and he testified that at no time did the organization lobby to change any laws. The agent says the main purpose of Thorstad’s organization is to enable pedophiles and pederasts to find like-minded individuals so they can exchange ideas and stories.

Nihad Awad

Forget about the ignorant politically-correct nonsense dripping from your radio speakers during NPR broadcasts or splattered across the pages of the New York Times – Islam is our sworn enemy.

Islam is the enemy of the Western world, the enemy of individual liberty, the enemy of civilization, and the enemy of God.

(If you have doubts about this, ask yourself some questions. What religion glorifies death instead of life? What religion esteems ignorance above knowledge? What religion praises martyrdom for acts of cruelty instead of martyrdom in the name of God? What religion tries to subjugate women even in the afterlife?)

Islam has attacked the Christian world with unrelenting ferocity for 1,377 years, only pausing when the extreme backwardness of its knowledge base and social structure left its followers too poor and weak to continue. (Oil money has solved that – they can buy what they need for the battle now.) They very nearly conquered Europe, finally stopped halfway into France by Charles “The Hammer” Martel in 732. It took another 760 years for the Christians to push the Muslims back down the Iberian Peninsula and out of Spain for good. 732 plus 760 equals 1492… a familiar date to Americans.

The date is not a coincidence. That’s when Spain sent Columbus sailing the ocean blue with the specific goal of finding a way to the East which avoided the savage Muslims. Did you know that?

The U.S. face of the Muslim war against our culture is Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which pretends to be a “human rights” organization, but in reality has documented ties to terrorist organizations like Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP). CAIR itself has been named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Justice Department’s terror-finance trial against the Holy Land Foundation.

Mr. Awad began his career in Muslim propaganda as Public Relations Director at IAP, which the U.S. government describes as a Hamas front organization, but he now dines with presidents and advises the FBI about anti-terrorism methods… you couldn’t invent this stuff.

This is the enemy allowed to live among us and protected by our dysfunctional politically-correct legal system. This is the enemy operating carefully planned propaganda campaigns designed to weaken our resolve and make us afraid to identify our foes. This is the enemy encouraging Muslims to play the role of victim in stage-managed phony hate crimes across the USA: like the torched mosque in Atlanta; or the “coded” license plate in Virginia; or the flying imams of Minneapolis; or the Muslim restaurateur in Ohio who burned himself (and his son) to death trying to fake a hate crime. (More examples here.)

At some point, to survive as a nation, we need to muster enough courage to point at the enemy and say, “There he is!”

Nihad Awad would be a good place to start.


Barney Frank, Ward Churchill, James Hansen, David Thorstad, Nihad Awad… Here’s an idea: let’s all of us make a New Year’s resolution to push these five creeps off the public stage and back into the rat holes where they belong.

We can’t un-elect Barney Frank, but we can let the Republicans who will now run the Financial Services Committee know that we want him called out when he lies, and we want his past thrown in his face. We can’t dismiss the lawsuit filed by Ward Churchill but we can write letters of support to the state of Colorado. We can’t fire James Hansen but we can tell our congresscritters that we want his propaganda efforts on government time investigated and ended.

As for Thorstad and Awad, maybe it’s time to lobby for laws against the outright enemies in our midst. The Constitution guarantees freedom of expression and freedom of religion, but as Americans from Thomas Jefferson (Louisiana Purchase) to Abraham Lincoln (suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War) have pointed out, and Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg stated perfectly in a 1963 opinion:
“…while the Constitution protects against invasions of individual rights, it is not a suicide pact.”
When individual citizens attempt to overthrow the fundamental basis of our way of life – whether by promoting a contrary political philosophy like communism, or an immoral act like pedophilia, or an antagonistic religion like Islam – we need to protect ourselves… in order to survive.

From Reno, Nevada, USA

March 19, 2011 - Hey, Thorstad's a creep, but I don't think that's his picture. He's a smaller, older weasly guy. I hope the guy doesn't sue you. Take Care. - Joe H., Iowa
J.P. replies: That picture is all over the Internet – here, for instance – and seems to bear a resemblance to this photo from the NAMBLA website (yes, they have a website) which shows Thorstad sitting at a conference table with a group of his fellow perverts. I'd hate to have the wrong picture on my website, but if I do it would mean a large number of websites are wrong.

January 1, 2011 - I agree with Walter, put a steel toed boot up they're A-- it's the American way. Happy New Year, I enjoy your site. - Bev, Virginia

December 30, 2010 - Thanks again for the laughs and I always enjoy learning something every time I read your articles. Thank you so much for your good work and time! I really appreciate what you do. You are a scholar! Hope you have a great 2011. - Todd L., Michigan

December 29, 2010 - Geez Louise what a downer of a list that is. It's depressing. Can't you find five good Americans to balance things? - Debbie D., Michigan
J.P. replies: Your wish is my command, Debbie. Here's the list of best human beings in America.

December 28, 2010 - Tell you what, if that Thorstad creep moved into my neighborhood, or my grandsons' neighborhood, he'd hear from my personal unwelcome committee... otherwise known as my Left Boot and my Right Boot. It is unbelievable that he feels comfortable admitting to such despicable desires. - Walter, Nevada

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