1. Bad presidents
    Sent February 21st 2011

    Bad presidents _ Bad presidents _ Today is Presidents Day, and here’s the question on everybody’s mind: is Barack Obama the worst president in the history of the United States? As a boy I would roll around on the living room floor groaning in pain wh...

  2. Travelin'
    Sent February 16th 2011

    Travelin' _ The power of words _ I went traveling the first week of February, and arrived home frazzled, exhausted, and grumpy. As usual. Why does flying have to be such a miserable experience? Every year the plane seats seem to get smaller, the le...

  3. Swine flu and the prisoner’s dilemma
    Sent January 25th 2011

    Swine flu and the prisoner’s dilemma _ The power of words _ Getting vaccinated against swine flu isn’t rational, and I can prove it with your favorite television cop show. What’s more, I don’t even need to know which one is your favorite. No, I’m no...

  4. The man who thought he could fly
    Sent January 12th 2011

    The man who thought he could fly _ The man who thought he could fly _ I should have waited a few days to write about the decline of journalism because this past weekend provided a perfect example of the profession’s endemic ignorance, hypocrisy, and b...

  5. Mom and the TSA
    Sent January 8th 2011

    Mom and the TSA _ Mom and the TSA _ /“Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the Lord.” -Leviticus 19:32/ That’s my mother in the photograph. She’ll be 92 years old in a couple months. She’s blind...

  6. The power of words
    Sent January 5th 2011

    The power of words _ The power of words _ Nobody respects journalists anymore. In polls, they’re sometimes rated less trustworthy than lawyers, which is really saying something considering the general attitude toward lawyers. Makes you wonder why we...

  7. The five best human beings in America
    Sent December 31st 2010

    The five best human beings in America _ The five best human beings in America _ Somebody complained about my list of worst human beings – “Geez Louise what a downer of a list that is. It's depressing.” – and then asked for a list of best Americans. S...

  8. The five worst human beings in America
    Sent December 27th 2010

    The five worst human beings in America _ The five worst human beings in America _ The holiday season is, like it or not, the retrospect season, when people wallow in remembrance and make lists to help themselves do it. 10 Best Songs, Best TV Shows, T...

  9. The Christmas story
    Sent December 24th 2010

    The Christmas story _ The Christmas story _ Paul of Tarsus, a Greek Jew, is called “Apostle to the Gentiles” because his writings, leadership, influence, and legacy led to the formation of Christian communities dominated by non-Jewish believers around...

  10. Framing the tax debate
    Sent December 13th 2010

    Framing the tax debate _ Framing the tax debate _ Congresscritters are debating tax policy with typical dishonesty. If this nation is to survive, the first step must be holding liberals accountable for their use of language. *_Tax “cuts”_* There ar...

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