1. WikiLeaks – much ado about nothing
    Sent December 8th 2010

    WikiLeaks – much ado about nothing _ WikiLeaks – much ado about nothing _ /“O, what men dare do! what men may do! what men daily do, not knowing what they do!” – W. Shakespeare/ There are times when I cringe at knee-jerk reactions from fellow conserv...

  2. Didn't we win the Cold War?
    Sent November 30th 2010

    Didn't we win the Cold War? _ Didn't we win the Cold War? _ What happened? Somehow we won the Cold War but never got the spoils. Twenty years after winning, we’ve got Russian billionaires buying up the world, incessant pictures of bare-chested Vladi...

  3. United States of Mad Cow
    Sent November 24th 2010

    United States of Mad Cow _ United States of Mad Cow _ Do you ever look around and wonder if you’re the only sane person left in the world? I do, and it brings up an interesting philosophical question: if everybody else is insane, are they really? Or...

  4. Friends & politics
    Sent November 7th 2010

    Friends & politics _ Friends & politics _ /“The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.” -Henry David Thoreau/ I made two friends in college, Larry and Heidi. That’s all. And since I started at the University of Michigan rooming with a...

  5. Election recap
    Sent November 3rd 2010

    Election recap _ Election recap _ Did we just witness a revolution? */At least sixty five seats in the House, at least six seats in the Senate, at least eleven governorships, and at least eighteen state legislative bodies just switched parties./* Th...

  6. Election fraud 2010
    Sent October 30th 2010

    Election fraud 2010 _ Election fraud 2010 _ Here’s your scary thought for Halloween tomorrow: on Tuesday, Democrats will poll ten to twenty percent higher in official election results than the legitimate number of votes cast for them. How do I get th...

  7. RINO stampede
    Sent October 25th 2010

    RINO stampede _ RINO stampede _ The rhinoceros (/Ceratotherium simum/) is an odd-toed ungulate, massive in size, with thick skin and a relatively small brain. The most abundant subspecies is the white rhino, where the word “white” is mistranslation o...

  8. The question that is off-limits in Nevada: Does Harry Reid have dementia?
    Sent October 18th 2010

    The question that is off-limits in Nevada: Does Harry Reid have dementia? _ The question that is off-limits in Nevada: Does Harry Reid have dementia? _ If you don’t live in Nevada, you probably don’t understand how the state can elect a man like Harry...

  9. Polar bear attack
    Sent October 11th 2010

    Polar bear attack _ Polar bear attack _ In September of 1994, Alvah Simon motored his 36-foot sailboat into a place few people have heard of, visited, or even noticed on a map – a place called Tay Bay. To give you an idea of where this place is, star...

  10. Substance abuse
    Sent October 4th 2010

    Substance abuse _ Substance abuse _ Hello, my name is Jim and I’m an addict. I was introduced to an illegal substance many years ago, when I was still very young, and I’ve been addicted most of my life. As far as I can tell, it’s done me little harm...

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