Date: December 31st 2010

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The five best human beings in America

Somebody complained about my list of worst human beings – “Geez Louise what a downer of a list that is. It's depressing.” – and then asked for a list of best Americans. So here it is, just in time for the new year, the official 2010 list of best human beings in America:

Sarah Palin

She drives the liberals crazy (never a long drive) and that’s a strong recommendation right off the bat. Add her dependability when it comes to being right, her proud in-your-face American normalcy which provides a wonderful contrast to the pseudo-sophisticated freedom-sucking government leeches of the political class, her courage and perseverance in the face of cruel and nearly hysterical personal criticism, and her staunch defense of American values, and Palin is a shoo-in for the list...

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