Date: December 27th 2010

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The five worst human beings in America

The holiday season is, like it or not, the retrospect season, when people wallow in remembrance and make lists to help themselves do it. 10 Best Songs, Best TV Shows, Top 10 Sports Moments, Top 25 Best Books Ė you name it, thereís a list.

How about this one: Top 20 Sex Scandals of 2010. (There, that should help the JPAttitude Google rankingÖ)

When it comes to lists, I resent the presumption that some other schmuckís opinion about the past year matters to me, but I canít resist looking at them. Even if itís only to gnash my teeth and wail at the moon about how wrong they are, I read the doggone things.

What can I say? I have character flaws.

This year I made my own list. Mine is a list of people so dishonest, dangerous, repulsive, and malignant that itís a toss-up whether our nation can survive their presence...

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