Date: March 25th 2011

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Crazy times in Libya

A team of Hollywood writers on LSD couldn’t invent the amount of wackiness on display in North Africa right now, and even if they did, no network would buy the script because the storyline is so far-fetched. Virgin bodyguards, a voluptuous Ukrainian nurse, dictators hiding behind CNN reporters, the U.S. military allied with Al Qaeda… this new war has it all.

President Obama started bombing Libya on Saturday, March 19, while vacationing with his family in Brazil. That must be a first. Our president has strangely-ordered priorities: “No need to cut my trip short just because I’m starting a war. That’s what cell phones are for!”

As people keep pointing out, he had no authority to bomb Libya. Yes, the president is Commander-in-Chief, but that doesn’t make the U.S. armed forces his personal bullyboys. He cannot declare war or engage in armed conflict without the prior approval of Congress. At least that’s what the Constitution says...

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