Date: March 12th 2012

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2nd annual NCAA challenge to Obama

Last year at this time, I took our president to task for the volume of vacations, gobs of golf games, and profusion of parties that seem to occupy his attention even when the world is on fire with crises. Knowing he would be filling out his NCAA basketball tournament picks as usual, I challenged Obama to a wager: if his picks were better than mine, I wouldn’t criticize him for a whole month.

But if I won he had to give up golf for a month and read a book on basic economics.

I won – in fact I thrashed him so badly I took a victory lap before the Final Four – but it’s obvious he still hasn’t touched an economics book. He’s probably relying on some sort of technicality to welsh on the bet... like not shaking hands or never having heard of me and my website.


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