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2nd annual NCAA challenge to Obama

March 13, 2012

Last year at this time, I took our president to task for the volume of vacations, gobs of golf games, and profusion of parties that seem to occupy his attention even when the world is on fire with crises. Knowing he would be filling out his NCAA basketball tournament picks as usual, I challenged Obama to a wager: if his picks were better than mine, I wouldn’t criticize him for a whole month.

But if I won he had to give up golf for a month and read a book on basic economics.

I won – in fact I thrashed him so badly I took a victory lap before the Final Four – but it’s obvious he still hasn’t touched an economics book. He’s probably relying on some sort of technicality to welsh on the bet... like not shaking hands or never having heard of me and my website.


Undaunted, I hereby issue the challenge again. This should be the last time, because Americans cannot be stupid enough to reelect the man to a second term. No way. Not possible.

Realizing how bad the president is at everything he does, even picking college basketball games, I’m handicapping myself this year by picking my alma mater, Michigan, to go all the way to the championship game (where they lose to Duke). I did this strictly out of loyalty. Also, my bracket eliminates every top seed before the Final Four, so if he can’t beat me this year, he never will:

When the president gets around to filling out his chart – which he’s probably furiously scribbling on right now, since there’s nothing but a nuclear Iran, skyrocketing gasoline prices, and a disintegrating situation in Afghanistan to distract him – I’ll post it here for comparison, and keep both charts updated as the tournament progresses:

By the way, Obama is taking the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to Dayton, Ohio, today to watch a "First Four" matchup between Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky. I very much doubt the PM’s reaction to that news was, “Oh goody!” Not only is basketball not the UK’s favorite sport, even die-hard U.S. basketball fans would have a hard time getting excited about watching Mississippi Valley State play Western Kentucky.

Lucky for Mr. Cameron the schools’ names include their states, so he doesn’t have to ask embarrassing questions about their location, but still... I imagine he’s meeting with his advisors right now, trying to figure out why in the bloody hell the president is dragging him to such an obscure, unwelcome, monumentally unimportant preamble to a sports tournament he still won’t care about once it actually starts.

How many insults from Obama can the Brits take before they tear up the Treaty of Paris and ask for their colonies back?

From Reno, Nevada, USA       


April 2, 2012

Obama won, as you can tell by the updated charts posted above. We were tied after the first weekend, but picking my college to go all the way to the championship game killed me. (Never fill out your bracket with your heart.) Also, Duke losing in the first round kinda hurt since I had Duke beating Michigan for the championship. Oh well. Final score: 44-19 for the president, 40-23 for me. That makes the score one to one in NCAA tournament challenges, and that's how it will stay because next year he won't be president anymore and nobody will care two hoots about his bracket. So there.

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