Date: December 30th 2011

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The five worst human beings in America – 2011

Last year at this time, on a lark, I wrote a column titled “The five worst human beings in America.” It was fairly popular, albeit a trifle gloomy, but a reader emailed asking for something more optimistic, so I followed up with “The five best human beings in America” that totally blew up, website-hits-wise, becoming one of’s most popular columns ever.

So now it’s an annual tradition. Today, 2011’s five worst human beings. Next week, to start the New Year on an optimistic note, the five best.

This is a list of people so dishonest, dangerous, repulsive, and malignant that it’s a toss-up whether our nation can survive their presence. These five people are tumors in a diseased body politic. Boils festering on the surface of civilization. Fetid infections roiling through the guts of our...

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