Date: July 12th 2013

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Nasty Tonto and the sorry state of race relations in America

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When did white men become second class citizens? It's a good time to ask this question because the media-labeled "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman spent the last few weeks enduring a legal lynching down in Florida, and because Rasmussen recently announced poll results about who Americans consider racist, and because I just saw the new Lone Ranger movie.

I don't want this to be another movie review... but good golly this was a bad movie! Thoroughly, embarrassingly, insultingly awful. For reasons only the writers could possibly understand, they turned the Lone Ranger into a mentally handicapped gun-control-advocating klutz, turned his beautiful white stallion Silver into a tree-climbing alcoholic joke, and turned Tonto into a manic-depressive racist with a dead bird on his head...

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