Date: November 7th 2012

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Uncle Sam weeps

The lesson we learn from the re-election of Barack Obama yesterday is that people who want money from the government outnumber those paying the tab and will vote for whichever guy offers them a raise, no matter how much the guy's past performance damaged the nation as a whole.

Itís a gloomy thought and itís difficult to imagine the republic surviving this watershed moment.

Hereís some quick dirty arithmetic:
The population of the United States is 312 million with 15 million of them either federal government employees or full-time contractors of the federal government, 20 million of them state or municipal employees, 47 million of them on food stamps, 4.5 million of them on welfare, 2 million of them in prison, 5.5 million of them receiving unemployment compensation, 14 million of them receiving federal disability payments...
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