Date: July 7th 2012

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Income taxes in 1871

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This time of year, when we celebrate American independence, is a good time to look at history in general. At least it is for me. I’m kind of a nerd that way. I like history. It’s fascinating, especially when it shows me something surprising and I definitely learned some surprising stuff this week.

Wednesday’s Independence Day was only six days after the Supreme Court pounded the last nail in liberty’s coffin, which certainly added a nasty gob of bitter irony to the celebrations, and furthermore the hammer used to pound that nail was the power of Congress to tax. Chief Justice John Roberts, may his name live in infamy, decided that our federal government can do anything it wants as long as they call it a tax.

So wouldn’t you know, while going through some old papers this week, I found an income tax return from 1871...

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