Date: December 8th 2011

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Lynching complete

Herman Cain is out of the presidential race, Ginger White is a cheap whore, and Tuesday morning I called a national conservative columnist stupid. Publicly. Whatís more, I explained in detail why heís stupid, so he would understand the situation in spite of his intellectual handicap.

Yeah, thatís right, Iím a little angry about the ďsuspensionĒ of Mr. Cainís presidential campaign. Iím angry because of the way he was treated. He was treated unfairly and unethically by the media, by the D.C. political establishment, and by certain so-called conservatives. Two months ago I wrote a radio column titled ďThe lynching of Herman CainĒ and I guess I earned my Certified Prophet license because they got him, didnít they? His political aspirations are swinging in the breeze along with his reputation.

Three strange women who added together couldnít muster enough credibility to fool a kindergartner were feted on national news shows and basted continuously in the glorious juices of their fifteen minutes until poor Mr. Cain was forced to spend all day every day denying stuff that nobody could really get enough handle on to form into a coherent accusation...

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