Date: September 23rd 2011

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About those evil oil company tax breaks

Two weeks ago last night, President Obama stood before a joint session of congress and outlined his latest greatest idea for solving the U.S. unemployment problem by spending our money, emphatically telling the assembled congresscritters seven different times to "pass this bill right now!"

Nothing like being scolded by the class clown, especially when the clown doesn't even have his homework done.

Turns out Mr. President didn't actually have a bill to pass, but promised to have one "sometime in the next couple weeks." After all the pass-this-bill-right-now stuff in his speech, the reaction of journalists to the news that no such bill actually existed was less than positive (to say the least), so White House staffers worked all weekend and on Monday Monday evening, actually the White House scurried over to Congress with "The American Jobs Act."

Unfortunately, while the White House was dithering and scurrying, a Republican congressman named Louis Gohmert introduced his own bill to solve the unemployment problem, and he called his bill, "The American Jobs Act," too...

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