Date: May 18th 2011

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Leftwing science – Part 1

Hearing liberals talk about science is flat-out funny – almost as funny as watching them stumble over numbers. In both arenas, their assertions and beliefs are often ludicrous (remember when Obama thought ten thousand people had died in a Kansas tornado?), but there’s an important difference: liberal miscomprehension of numbers involves intellectual deficiency, whereas their silliness in science stems from moral deficiency.

The left cynically and ruthlessly misuses science as a vehicle for political propaganda.

One of the first Executive Orders President Obama signed upon entering office was number 13505, which was titled “Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem Cells.” Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? But there was nothing “responsible” or “scientific” about the order, and there were no “barriers” to remove. The pot of federal money remained exactly the same. What Obama did was reduce the amount of money for research into adult stem cells, where hundreds of miraculous treatments have been discovered (and continue to be discovered almost weekly), and transfer that money to research on embryonic stem cells, where no human application has ever been found...

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