Date: February 16th 2011

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The power of words

I went traveling the first week of February, and arrived home frazzled, exhausted, and grumpy. As usual. Why does flying have to be such a miserable experience?

Every year the plane seats seem to get smaller, the leg room less, and the service by flight attendants crappier. When I got off the plane in Reno after six hours in the air, I could barely walk. I shuffled through the airport like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. My bad knee ached from the cramped position demanded by airline seats for anybody over six feet tall, my back hurt from sitting twisted to one side to keep my right arm from intruding into the next seat, and my neck was stiff from sleeping with my head crooked against the window.

The pain in my neck would have been worse, but fortunately my head slipped to the opposite side for a while during my nap. That was a nice change of pace for my neck, but hard on the sensibilities of the woman sitting on that side, who woke me up with strident objections to my innocent snoring and drooling...

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