Date: November 15th 2013

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Incorrect promises and noble lies

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The debacle we call Obamacare has gone from delusional to dysfunctional to downright humorous. Grown men and women are saying things that even comedians wouldn't dare invent. On Thursday, President Obama gave a press conference in which he said, "What we're discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy."

Now he figures that out! Clearly, when it comes to wisdom, Yoda he is not.

Afterward, Nancy Pelosi gave her own press conference claiming that Obamacare is working just fine, thank you, even though five million people had their health insurance cancelled, even though the government website isn't working (and isn't expected to work anytime soon), and even though almost nobody has signed up for it on the federal exchange. Speaking for Democrats in the House, she said, "I can almost unanimously say that our members were very pleased with the president's statement today."

"I can almost unanimously say?" What does that even mean? ...

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