Date: June 14th 2013

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Nancy Pelosi exposes the Catholic Church's feet of clay

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In case you missed it, on Thursday Nancy Pelosi used the Roman Catholic Church as cover for her rabidly pro-abortion position in the U.S. House of Representatives. Specifically, she called herself a "practicing and respectful Catholic." The word "respectful" in that description is debatable but unfortunately the word "practicing" is accurate and the Catholic Church must bear the blame.

For decades we've watched American bishops pussyfoot around the most important moral issues of the modern world, and Pelosi's performance Thursday demonstrates how much damage their pussyfooting does. The former Speaker of the House, like other liberal politicians, uses her standing as a practicing Catholic to defend and promote practices which defy Catholic doctrine -- her Catholicism is used as a weapon to undermine the morality for which the church supposedly stands...

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