Date: April 5th 2013

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The ten-year-old elephant in the room

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On March 20, 2003, a multinational UN-approved invasion force led by the United States invaded Iraq, marking the beginning of a war that celebrated its ten-year anniversary two weeks ago. The media coverage of this anniversary, which was extensive, consistently avoided the truth about the Iraq War.

Whether you listened to Rush Limbaugh or Chris Matthews, tuned your television to Fox News or MSNBC, all you heard was crap: people arguing about whether Iraq had WMDs (they did, by the way), whether Bush lied about yellowcake uranium (he didn't), and whether the war accomplished anything worthwhile (it did—Saddam Hussein is gone, right?).

Although we live in what people call the Information Age, it might be more accurate to call it the Misinformation Age. I listened diligently for two straight weeks to various retrospectives on the Iraq War, by various commentators with various political viewpoints, getting madder and madder until I was on the verge of popping a vein...

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