Date: March 19th 2013

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Spring global warming prayer: No más, Lord, no más

Nobody expects the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) crowd to stop proselytizing—ever. Global warmism is a cult and like all cults there's big money in it for insiders. But the Northern Hemisphere certainly is suffering for their stubbornness. Today is the first day of Spring and the weather is unnaturally, bitterly, nastily cold.

I don't blame God for sending messages to these yahoos and you can't fault His consistency: every time they try to have a global warming conference or publish a major new paper, He sends a blizzard to freeze their butts closed around their necks.

A month ago they held a climate rally in Washington, D.C., to protest the possibility that President Obama might approve the Keystone pipeline—they marched from the Washington Monument to the White House in a raging blizzard. It's not easy speechifying about climate warming while you're shivering and wiping snot off your chin. Give them credit for persevering...

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