Date: March 8th 2013

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Dictator love

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Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez died Tuesday, or so they say. Rumors of his demise started circulating two weeks ago and since Venezuela doesn't have a free press and neither does Cuba, where Chávez died, God only knows whether Tuesday was actually the day it happened. The thing about dictatorships is that succession is uncertain and problematic - the despots in waiting like to get their takeover plans shipshape before they announce the previous thug's death.

Venezuela's constitution requires an election within 30 days but Vice President Nicolás Maduro has already taken control and nobody really expects an election that soon. He needs time to consolidate, you see: enough time to get the drug lords who will finance his campaign and the militant street thugs who will do the dirty work on election day and the crooked cops who will arrest political opponents and the corrupt military which enforces martial law...

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