Date: March 6th 2012

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Rush Limbaugh and the Georgetown coed – just the facts

The bigger the headline, the more obvious it is that the left controls the media. The old expression about putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t discourage liberals one little bit, and this week’s Rush Limbaugh vs. Sandra Fluke media conflagration is proof. Democrats have smeared lipstick all over this pig and convinced people they’re looking at a princess.

Not that I’m calling Ms. Fluke a pig. God forbid! The pig is a metaphor, okay?

Warning: this is a factual summary of events requiring some trashy, insulting words. I won’t be censoring the bad words, replacing letters with asterisks and pound signs, or deploying other niceties to disguise the rudeness. My own sensibilities are somewhat calloused because I spent a year living in a fraternity house and attended a Democrat Party dinner once, but if your sensibilities are more delicate...

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