Date: February 22nd 2012

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Media trash

Last week was another typical week of journalistic malfeasance in the United States. The seven days that ended February 19 with Al-Jazeera winning an American award for journalism, began February 13 with these words in Politico:

“Under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, big donors got private time with government officials in return for donations to the political parties—which were exempt from donation limits at the time. That system came to an end with the McCain-Feingold law in 2002, subjecting the national parties to limits on spending and donations.”

Politico, perhaps the sleaziest purveyor of liberal propaganda-masquerading-as-news on the Internet, artfully constructed a sentence that somehow conveys the message that what Obama is doing, using cabinet members and federal employees to campaign for his reelection, has always been done, even by George Bush. But look closely...

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