Date: February 3rd 2012

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Krazy Kat-ifornia

Tuesday, the last day of January, California state controller John Chiang sent a letter to lawmakers in Sacramento informing them that California will run out of cash by early March. This was a nasty surprise, since they were formerly under the impression they had enough money to last through June.

Bankruptcy six months away is something California legislators are comfortable ignoring – they’ve been doing it for years – but bankruptcy one month away is too close. Now they’re nervous. They might have to stop dreaming, procrastinating, and posturing, and do something about it.

Or not. Probably not. The SOP they’ve developed in California is to stop paying bills, borrow from Peter to pay Paul, raise taxes & fees, and continue catering to the leftwing special interest groups that control the state’s politics. So nothing changes...

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