Date: January 17th 2012

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SOPA blackout: WWIII

Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18, is going to be weird and wild on the Internet. In protest against House Bill 3261, titled the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), some big-name websites upon which millions of people rely for social connections and information will disappear for 24 hours: Wikipedia,,, and dozens of others. Some of the organizations going dark are hosts, which means thousands of websites on their servers will disappear whether they actually agree with the protest or not.

This whole thing is very exciting. It’s a World War Involving Internet Independence – WWIII – the people of the world against the governments of the world. Last year in North Africa we saw people using social media and cellphones to overthrow dictators, and apparently the power-hungry statists in the U.S. government didn’t learn the lesson. If the Arab Spring demonstrated the power of the Internet, tomorrow’s blackout is the most important battle in the war...

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