Date: November 23rd 2011

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This really is Penn State

"We are!" they've been shouting.

"Penn State!" they've been answering.

The shouts emanated from mobs that spread across the Penn State campus on November 9 overturning vehicles and screaming their rage into the night, and from the crowd of heart-broken students who gathered in front of Joe Paterno's house after he was fired, and from stalwart fans at the Penn State vs. Nebraska football game three days later.

At least by then the hysterical Penn State community had worked their way around to remembering the real victims of the scandal. Football players from both teams knelt together in silent prayer for the children raped and abused by Jerry Sandusky over the course of the last half century... God alone knows how many of them became victims after Penn State learned about Sandusky’s “problem.”

After the prayer it was back to shouting the school's iconic rallying cry.

"We are! Penn State! We are! Penn State! We are..." Yes, they are. Yes, they are exactly what they look like: a university where the level of morality is seriously deficient. That deficiency isn't news to anybody who watched Penn State deal with an earlier, more important scandal...

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