Date: October 12th 2011

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Are corporations evil?

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protestors have chosen a silly name, because when they gather in cities other than New York they obviously can't be occupying Wall Street, and so far they haven't managed to live up to their name even in New York. They're still bottled up in Zuccotti Park, messing up the place so thoroughly they've even started pooping on police cars.

So the name is silly.

Sillier yet is the lack of purpose. Ten protestors are liable to give ten different answers about what they want: green energy, more jobs, the end of capitalism, forgiveness of student loans, a "call to action against banks," closing of nuclear power plants, more trees, less bigotry and hate, no more bailouts, health insurance, more spending on infrastructure, lower pay for CEOs, organic food, open borders, tariffs on imports... the list is long and metastasizing. ...

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