Date: September 8th 2011

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Matt Damon, Rick Perry, and True Blood

Contagion, a new movie starring Matt Damon, is opening in theatres tomorrow. Like many – if not most – Matt Damon movies, this one is less about entertainment and making money for its producers than about political propaganda.

Damon has a long history of using his profession for propaganda, and this latest effort is illustrative of the near-monopoly the left has on vehicles of information in the modern world. We are assailed by left-leaning baloney in our movies, television shows, newspapers, classrooms from kindergarten through graduate school, government press releases, and even churches. Anybody who thinks the 2012 presidential election is a no-brainer because of the disastrous results of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama agenda, think again. By the time the left is done pounding crap into your brain twenty four hours a day for the next year, you won’t remember what the truth is.

In other words, be careful or you’ll end up like Al Gore...

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