Date: August 15th 2011

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What happened to my telephone?

Every morning, the hair on the top-left-back of my head comes out of the shower sticking straight out. There doesn't seem to be any cure for this problem short of dynamite or Super Glue, and it gets worse every year so what I see in the mirror is a clump of hair shaped like a big arrow pointing at my head with flashing neon letters that say, "OLD GUY!"

Can't help it, that's what I see.

My encroaching area of cowlick looks like crabgrass, and since I get crabbier every year that might be a good way to describe it. The crabgrass isnít the only sign that I might possibly be a tiny bit past the absolute peak of my prime. I'm also noticing a festering technophobia, centered around a growing list of communication devices for which I can find no discernable worthwhile purpose: smartphones, Twitter, Facebook, IPads, Blackberries, email-capable eReaders... it's like we're accumulating more and more ways to say "LOL" and "WTF?" while losing more and more ability to express intelligent thoughts to each other...

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