Date: July 31st 2011

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J.P.'s moment of common sense

[I’ve been co-hosting a weekly radio show for a few months and yesterday the show’s owner, Jay Davis, gave me some uninterrupted time... to see if it worked. This is what I said, and when I get the sound file you can listen to it by clicking on the microphone...]

Jay offered me a chance to expound unencumbered for a few minutes, and I decided to name the segment J.P.'s Moment of Common Sense.

Common Sense was the name of the pamphlet published by Thomas Paine during the Revolutionary War, which you probably know. What you might not know is that Common Sense became the best-selling book ever, with 500,000 copies sold to a population that totaled only two million people. To put that in perspective, an author today would have to...

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