Date: July 13th 2011

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Tyranny by a thousand cuts

Conservatives call modern America the Nanny-state, but a better name is Whiny-baby-state. The word "nanny" implies some kind of mother figure keeping people safe until they grow up, but that's not really the case, is it?

We're already adults at least we're supposed to be and the rules that cut into our freedom are rules we demand ourselves. They're not imposed by any sort of nanny. No matter what silly, asinine, over-protective, dumb-ass law the government passes, long before that point there was a loud, shrill, self-righteous group of Americans begging for it.

Thanks to the whiny-babies among us, we're losing our freedom one tiny slice at a time.

Here in Nevada, for instance, the legislature was under pressure trying to pass a budget before the end of the session on June 7, 2011, which was no easy task given our worst-economy-in-the-country status, but somehow, in spite of the desperate state of the state's finances and the looming deadline, the legislature managed to find time to outlaw cell phone use in cars and pass three laws outlawing discrimination against transgendered and gender non-conforming individuals...

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