Date: July 8th 2011

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Casey Anthony and Martha Stewart

The world is agog and aghast over the acquittal of Casey Anthony, who was charged with killing her daughter, Caylee (in case you haven't heard). Some people are saying the justice system worked and other people are saying it failed.

It definitely failed, but not for the reason you might think.

It's not about whether Casey is guilty or innocent of homicide. That was properly decided by a jury of her peers, and that part worked whether you agree with the decision or not they couldn't prove she did it, the evidence was lacking, live with it but so far not one of the four billion talking-head legal analysts spewing their drivel on television and radio has pointed out that Casey now joins the growing list of people who were innocent of the underlying crime but found guilty of misleading the police.

That's the part that shows something is wrong with the justice system...

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