Date: June 29th 2011

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Two-faced RINOs

Nothing frets my strings quicker than politicians who are dishonest… so you can imagine how tightly I'm wired, given the propensity for politicians to be exactly that.

Democrats are pretty bad, with their constant misrepresentation during election campaigns about how liberal they are, but Republicans who aren't really conservative are worse. Not only are they more irritating, they’re more damaging to the cause of freedom, because at least Democrats who advocate big government are clearly enemies. Everybody knows how to deal with enemies.

Republicans who advocate big government are traitors, and stab us in the back every election cycle.

Right now, nobody better represents the two-faced RINO (Republican In Name Only) better than the current front-runner among Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney. Romney is no more conservative and no more honestly Republican than the big toe on Bernie Sanders’ left foot...

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