Date: June 22nd 2011

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Politicians who refuse to resign

Watching Anthony Weinerís three-week refusal to resign despite wooful waves of wild worldwide wiener wantonness, I kept thinking about the one person in congress doing a worse job representing the electorate: Representative Gabrielle Giffords, from Arizona.

That comparison might seem cruel, but cruelty is not the intent here. This is about honor. "Why hasn't she resigned?" is the question that needs to be posed to her husband, her staff, and anybody else in her inner circle who loves and respects her, because they do her no favors by letting her cling to the job like a party guest who won't go home.

Nobody owns a seat in congress, and people who can't do the job they were elected to do should resign and let somebody else do it. If they canít see the problem themselves, then the people around them need to help them make the right decision...

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