Date: April 16th 2011

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Fire John Boehner!

He’s been on the job for only three months, but what else do we need to see? Republicans must admit their mistake and pick a new Speaker of the House.

John Boehner (pronounced bon-er, no matter what he claims) might be a nice guy on some personal level, but he’s a flippin’ disaster as a leader, and now it turns out that he’s every bit as dishonest as the lefty whackjob he replaced.

Never mind that he crumples into tears every five seconds, and never mind that he presided over the House as Speaker back in 2006 and left such a bad taste in voters’ mouths that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats swept into power, and never mind that he has serial killer eyes (seriously, look at those eyes). Never mind all that. Can we at least find somebody who doesn’t lie like a rug? ...

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